Anti Doping Educational Webinars

This is a reminder to please encourage all our athletes, athlete support staff and all other interested squash personnel to sign up for the very important Anti-Doping Educational Webinars run by ITA; the first is on Wednesday 26th May, so please register on this link.


This forms a very important part of the WSF Anti-Doping Education Plan and we can’t stress the importance of making sure all members of our squash community are aware of Anti-Doping processes and procedures.


  • ITA are pleased to offer program completion certificates to all athletes and athlete support personnel who attend all five webinars (the further two to be advised later). Attendance will be tracked – we encourage you to remind everyone to use the same email address each time they register for a webinar.
  • ITA will be surveying webinar participants in accordance with the International Standard for Education. More specifically, they will be monitoring (ISE: Collecting data regularly and over time to see progress towards our program objectives) and evaluating learning (ISE: Determining whether our participants have learned something as well as gathering feedback to determine the quality of the learning experience or interaction).
  • At the end of the webinar series, WSF will receive registration and attendance figures, as well as a report of the survey results. This data will feed into our Education Plan.

 The details of these webinars to circulate are below.


Webinar Theme Date Registration Link
  1. Introduction to anti-doping

Overview of the system, rights and responsibilities, ADRVs

26 May
  1. The Doping Control Process

Includes testing procedures (urine and blood) and ABP

2 June
  1. Medications, Supplements, Prohibited List and TUEs

Includes the Principle of Strict Liability

9 June


Important Information:

  • All webinars will take place from 14h to 15h CET.
  • All webinars are stand alone and each has to be registered for individually. Please use the same email address to register for each to ensure attendance is tracked correctly.