ESF Junior Rankings – November

In the November’s ESF Junior ranking  Dylan Moran raised to #3 position in the Boys U13 group, his highest wsf-europeranking ever.  Well done Dylan!

This age group and Boys U17 look particularly strong for Ireland with two players in top-10 in each of them and many other staying very close.

There are also two Irish girls Hannah and Stephanie in the top-10 of Girls Under 19.


The full list of Irish players in the ESF top-10:


Oisin Dunne 10-th (BU-19)

Hannah Craig 6-th (GU-19)

Stephanie Ryan 9-th (GU-19)

Conor Moran 5-th (BU-17)

Scott Gillanders 7-th (BU-17)

Denis Gilevskiy 1-st (BU-13)

Dylan Moran 3-rd (BU-13)


Well done to all who participate in Swiss Junior Open (Super Series) last weekend and best of luck to all Irish juniors competing in Leinster Senior Open this weekend.


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