European Junior Rankings – April

New ESF junior rankings for April just published. Well done to Sam Buckley who moved up to a shared second place in the BU15 and Hannah Craig who entered top-10 in the GU19 group.

Denis Gilevskiy kept his position on the top of the Boys Under 13 European rankings. Conor Moran who moved up in the age group to BU17 in April is still in the top-10 ranked #5, straight after Luke Logan (#4).

Other Irish juniors in the European top-10: Scott Gillanders is ranked 8th in BU17, Dylan Moran 6th and Jake Creaven 10th in the BU13.

Congratulations to all IRISH players competing in European Open. Many of them are just a few places away from entering the European top-10 in their respective age groups.

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