Euro's – Full Match Reports – Women

DAY 4 – Saturday 3rd  MAY

Saturday morning is the playoff for 3rd/4th place.  It started with a practice session on the glass court at 9.00am and then the playoff for third and fourth place started at 9.30am against the Czech Republic.  Ciara Moloney was first on against Anna Klimundova.  Ciara played well but Anna was too strong for her in the first two games and Ciara lost them 3/11 and 2/11.  In the third game, it was a different story, Ciara edged ahead 3/1, and slowly they both crept up with scores, Ciara was 8/4 up, she put the ball out so it was 8/5 but Ciara came back and it was 9/6, 10/6, 10/7 – could Ciara hold onto the game, she did, she won her first game at senior international level  11/8.  However Anna came back in the fourth and won it 11/3.  First match to Czech Republic.

Aisling Blake, playing number 1 due to Madeline Perry being injured, played Olga Ertlova.  Aisling looked relaxed and played very well, she won the first game 11/3.  Olga fought  back in the second and took it 11/6.  One game all. Aisling then took control of the third game and won it 11/7, followed by the fourth 11/9.  One match each.

Laura Mylotte went on to play the decider against Lucie Fialova.  Laura played very well, but Lucie was too strong for her on the day.  Lucie won the match 11/7, 11/3 and 11/3.

Irelands women’s team did us proud, coming fourth, they all played their best and couldn’t have put a better effort in.  Well done to them all.

DAY 3 – Friday 2nd  MAY

Friday and the Irish women are up against England in the first semi-final.  First on was Madeline Perry against Laura Massaro.  First game was very close, with Madeline losing 9/11.  The next one went also to Laura 3/11.  In the third Madeline came out firing on all cylinders, she quickly got a 2/0 lead, then it went to 10/5 lead. Laura cane back strongly to make it 10 all, but Madeline came through and won the game 12/10.  The next game started off well for Madeline going 2/0 up but then as she lunged into a shot she pulled her adductor muscle and had to retire.

Aisling Blake was next on playing Alison Waters.  The first was very close with both players neck and neck until Alison won it 9/11.  Aisling lost the next two 3/11 and 4/11.

Ciara Moloney  played the dead rubber against Sara-Jane Perry.  It was Ciara’s first cap at senior level.  Ciara played some great shots but Sara-Jane proved too strong for her and Sara-Jane took the match 4/11 and 1/11.

Saturday morning is the playoff for 3rd/4th place. It is at 8.30am (Irish Time) on the glass court again, so go on line and watch it on the live stream.


Match overview
Order Event England WENG IRLIreland W Score Points Duration
1 WS1
Laura MASSARO England
Ireland Madeleine PERRY
11-9 11-3 10-12 11-2 1-0
2 WS2
Alison WATERS England
Ireland Aisling BLAKE
11-9 11-3 11-4 1-0
3 WS3
Sara-Jane PERRY England
Ireland Ciara MOLONEY
11-4 11-1 1-0

DAY 2 – Thursday 1st MAY

Thursday 1st May and day two of the European Team Championships, Ireland’s women’s team were up against France in their third pool match.  First up was Aisling Blake playing Laura Pomportes.  First game started off neck and neck till it got to 6/7 and Laura hit Aisling with her racket and caused a cut near Aisling’s eyebrow.  Aisling came off court as it was a blood injury.  She had to go to see the doctor to get the blood flow stopped (only minor) and covered up as players are not allowed to play with a blood injury.  Aisling returned to court but lost the first game 7/11.  The second game started with the two players getting to 4 all, and then Aisling pulled steadily away and won the game 11/8.  The third was very close but Aisling took the game 12/10.  In the final game Aisling played very decisively and confidently and won it 11/0.

Next on was Madeline Perry playing Camille Serme.  Madeline lost the first 7/11 but came back strongly to win the second 11/3.  The third game was hard fought the whole way through with Camille winning it 11/9.  The fourth was the same with Camille winning it also 11/9.

Now the tie was at 1 match each.  Laura Mylotte went on to play Cyrielle Peltier.  Cyrielle won the first game 11/7.  In the second game Laura came back from 7/10 down to make it 10 all, but Cyrielle managed to take the game 13/11.  Laura then pushed Cyrielle and she won the third game 11/4.  In the fourth game Cyrielle got ahead again and won the game 11/4.  France had won the tie and came first in Pool B.  Ireland came second in Pool B and is due to play England (winners of Pool A) in the semi finals at 10am (Italian time).  The match will be on the glass court and will be on the live stream.





The Irish Women’s team is in Division 1 and their opponents in the pool matches are Denmark, Wales and France. 

The first match was Tuesday at 13.00 against Denmark.  Madeline Perry was playing first against Line Hansen.  The first game was very close; neither player breaking away, Madeline won it 12/10.  In the next game Madeline went 4 – 1 up and then pulled away to take the game 11/4.  Next game was neck and neck again; it went to Line 12/10.  Fourth game, Madeline was 2/4 down but came back strongly to win 11/8.

Next on court were the number 3’s, Laura Mylotte against Mathilde Lauridsen.  Laura took the first game comfortably 11/7. In the second game Laura had game ball at 10/8 but Mathilde fought back and took the game 12/10.  Laura won the third 11/5 with a lovely cross court volley drop and she went on to win the fourth game 10/5.

Aisling Blake played Sally Skaarenborg.  The first game was long and exciting with Aisling winning 16/14.  Aisling played more decisively in the second and took it 11/6.  The third was another long game with Aisling coming from behind to win it 12/10.  A good start for the Irish women’s team.  Next match is against Wales later this evening at 20.00.

Order Event Ireland WIRL DENDenmark W Score Points Duration
1 WS1
Madeleine PERRY Ireland
Denmark Line HANSEN
12-10 11-4 10-12 11-8 1-0
2 WS3
Laura MYLOTTE Ireland
Denmark Mathilde LAURIDSEN
11-7 10-12 11-5 11-5 1-0
3 WS2
Aisling BLAKE Ireland
16-14 11-6 12-10 1-0


Second match on day one was against Wales.

 Madeline was first on playing against Tesni  Evans.  Madeline won comfortably with 3 very consistent scores, 11/7, 11/7 and 11/7, she never looked as if she would lose the match. 

Laura played Jenny Haley and took the first game 11/5 with some lovely drop shots, she then took the second 11/4.  However the third went to 6 all and then Jenny pulled away and got a good nick on the back wall to take the game 11/8.  Laura got back into the game and took the fourth 11/7. 

Aisling was up against Deon Saffery.  Deon was playing well and took the first two games 11/7 and 11/4.  Aisling came back well in the third, she played some terrific drops  to win the game 11/2.  In the fourth, Deon, got her form back and won 11/6. 

 Ireland won the tie by 2 matches to 1.  Tomorrow, the match is at 14.00 (Italian time) against France on the glass court.  It will be available on the live streaming

Match overview
Order Event Ireland WIRL WALWales W Score Points Duration
1 WS1
Madeleine PERRY Ireland
Wales Tesni EVANS
11-7 11-7 11-7 1-0
2 WS3
Laura MYLOTTE Ireland
Wales Jenny HALEY
11-5 11-4 8-11 11-7 1-0
3 WS2
Aisling BLAKE Ireland
Wales Deon SAFFERY
7-11 4-11 11-2 6-11 0-1