GillenMarkets Invitational @ West Wood


October 1st

After a gap of almost 20 years, West Wood will hold an open (albeit invitation) squash event.  The plan is to make this a ‘Tour Event’ from 2017/2018, increasing the number of tour events on the Senior Tour to 10.  GillenMarkets who already support many of the top players from Ireland are sponsoring the event.

e-dunneAccording to event organiser (and West Wood Squash Manager) Ed Dunne (Pictured on the left), the management and staff are 100% behind the event “… since I took the position earlier this year, we have had a number of squash events at the club including a referee pub quiz with Brian Williams, Women in Squash evening with Orla O’Doherty, the introduction of ‘SquashLink’ – an online ranking system from Australia…”

The event will include big names such as Irish Internationals Sean Conroy and Rory Byrne. David Noone,l-beddoes Scott Gillanders, Sam Olwill and Lance Beddoes (PSA World ranked 102) from New Zealand (Pictured below), complete the line up. “We will host a number of matches with a 30 minute (3 x 10 minute games with a 90 second break in between) scoring system, matches start from early afternoon and the last match goes on at 17:00, everyone is welcome to attend”

Times of Matches

14:00     Sam Olwill v Scott Gillanders

14:30     Sean Conroy v Rory Byrne

15:00     Lance Beddoes v David Noone


16:00     Rory Byrne v Scott Gillanders

16:00     Sam Olwill v David Noone

16:00     Sean Conroy v Lance Beddoes

West Wood appreciate squash is on a growth spurt in Ireland, the UK and Europe and are eager to be part of this. As well as hosting this open event, the club offers its 2nd to none facilities, to IRISH SQUASH Squads, who train with Ed. This is a clear sign that management are backing Squash in the club, 100%.  “I am very excited that a club such as West Wood are supporting me in my role as squash manager and the game within the club. We have some exciting ideas to promote Squash this season, which are currently being developed” added Ed.

Contact Ed Dunne at for more details.