Irish Squash Approve Fresh EDI Policy

Irish Squash are pleased to announce that the Irish Squash Equality, Diversity & Inclusion Policy was recently approved by the Irish Squash Board.

Irish Squash reaffirms its commitment to ensuring equal opportunities, inclusivity, diversity and anti-discrimination within all aspects of Squash on the island of Ireland, both on and off the court. This commitment reaches beyond compliance, and extends in aiming to create a culture where diversity is celebrated and all squash participants are empowered to contribute and feel valued.

This equality and diversity and inclusion policy is built upon the values of the organisation;

  • EXCELLENCE – Operating to the highest standard
  • COLLABORATION – Working together
  • INTEGRITY – Doing the right thing
  • AMBITION – Being motivated to achieve
  • PASSION – Driving life-long healthy participation
  • INCLUSION – Providing access, opportunity and fun

These values are part of the Irish Squash Strategic Plan 2022-2027.

Irish Squash aims to become a leading sporting National Governing Body in the promotion and implementation of equality, diversity and inclusion. The organisation aims to promote squash as a sport, free from discrimination, harassment and prejudice, which genuinely represents all parts of society on the island of Ireland.

The full policy can be viewed here – Irish Squash Policy 03 Equality, Inclusion and Diversity Policy May 2024