Junior International Teams Selections

The following were the players selected to represent IRELAND at junior international championships in 2020. Unfortunately all these events have been cancelled due to COVID-19.

It is a great achievement for these players to be selected to represent their country and congratulations to all the girls and boys after a season of hard word and great results. Thankfully the junior season was completed before the restrictions came into effect.


Five Nations GU13 Shriya Drawid
Five Nations GU13 Victoria Protsepova
Five Nations GU13 Erin Ferris
Five Nations GU13 Ella Walsh
Five Nations BU13 Aaron Cullen
Five Nations BU13 Conal Jackson
Five Nations BU13 Ismail Wahed
Five Nations BU13 Christian Dromgoole
Five Nations GU15 Rebecca Kavanagh
Five Nations GU15 Sara Sabry
Five Nations GU15 Ava Murphy
Five Nations BU15 Sean Murphy
Five Nations BU15 Adam Eason
Five Nations BU15 Daniel Lynch
Five Nations BU15 Tristan Snodgrass
Europeans GU15 Rebecca Kavanagh
Europeans GU15 Sara Sabry
Europeans BU15 Adam Eason
Europeans BU15 Daniel Lynch
Europeans BU15 Tristan Snodgrass
Europeans GU17 Brenda Li
Europeans GU17 Sophie Thomas
Europeans BU17 Denis Gilevskiy
Europeans BU17 Dylan Moran
Europeans BU17 Jack O’Flynn
Europeans GU19 Hannah McGugan
Europeans GU19 Sarah Jane Smith
Europeans BU19 Conor Moran
Europeans BU19 Sam Buckley
Europeans BU19 Denis Gilevskiy
World Jun BU19 Denis Gilevskiy
World Jun BU19 Gavin L’Estrange
World Jun BU19 Alex Smith
World Jun BU19 Sean White