Leaders’ Course – Highfield SC

Irish Squash  are pleased to invite you to a Leaders course in Highfield SC

Course organiser: Eddie Murphy

email: coacheducation@irishsquash.com


Course Venue: Highfield SC

Sunday May 29th @ 10.30pm

Course Duration: The course will run for 1 day from 10.30am – 4.30pm.


The course fee of €50 can be paid in this link: – HERE


If not already vetted with Irish Squash, candidates must apply for Garda vetting – Details on the Irish Squash web site – https://www.irishsquash.com/garda-vetting/


Also you must attend a Safeguarding 1 course, see the Local Sports Partnership in the county you live, to register for a course. It is just €15 and takes one evening to complete. Search for a course HERE

Courses are not in strict chronological order!


 N.B. Please send in your Garda Vetting & Safeguarding certs to infor@irishsquash.com before you start the course.

If you are under 18 then you will have to wait until you become 18 to do these.

You will get your coaching badge then if you are successful.