President meets Pat Hickey

Irish Squash President, Ed Dunne met Pat Hickey, President of the Olympic Council of Ireland on August 19th. It is the second meeting between Irish Squash and Mr. Hickey in recent months, in the lead up to the selection of the final sport for the summer games of 2020. Accompying Ed were 2 of Ireland’s young stars Ellie McVeigh from Ulster and Scott Gillanders from Leinster. Both 13yrs old, they will be young adults when hopefully squash will make its first appearance in the Olympics in 2020 and here’s hoping both of them are on the Irish team for those Olympics.

The final selection meeting of the IOC executive council meet in Argentina on September 8th to select the sport to fill the final spot for the 2020 summer games. Squash is one of 3 sports to make the short list – along with baseball and wrestling.

See a letter of thanks from Andrew Shelley, Chief Executive of the World Squash Federation to Ed Dunne for the efforts from Irish Squash re the Olympic bid.

Andrew Shelley Letter

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