Referees – WSO Qualifications

Hello Referees,

As mentioned over the last two seasons, the new World Squash Officiating (WSO) Policy is that after the now elapsed season-long transition period, referee qualification would be dependent on completing the new WSO Levels (L1 to L5).

Much of this is online at World Squash Officiating. Irish Squash will continue to provide a voucher for the L1 qualifications – just contact me for the code on completion of the online course and before payment.

As Irish Squash has fully adopted that policy I will be adjusting the list of qualified referees on Irish Squash – Referees to reflect this change.

It would be great if you would go to the WSO website and complete the level appropriate for you to keep your qualification up to date.

Your contribution is appreciated by the players as we really do need referees!