Frequently Asked Questions


What is the Single Platform?

It is an internet-based service provided by Irish Squash and SportyHQ with a goal of connecting Players, Clubs, and Provinces. It provides a full suite of cloud-based tools for players, coaches and clubs run the sport.

What is SportyHQ?

SportyHQ is a web-based sports competition and membership hub.

What is the relationship between Irish Squash and SportHQ?

Irish Squash have signed a 5-year licence with SportyHQ that began in April 2021

How much does SportyHQ cost a player and club?

SportyHQ offers free sign-up for players by default, but full functionality will be offered to all Irish Squash-affiliated clubs free of charge.

What work has currently been completed by Irish Squash?

Full application-to-tender and vendor testimonial process complete

Data Protection Impact Assessment (DPIA) undertaken

Affiliation Policy refreshed

Data Protection Policy refreshed

100+ clubs and venues added

Created 4000+ player profiles for all junior, senior and Masters players that have recently competed in an Irish Squash or Province-run tournament or league hosted on the Tournament Software platform

Assigned an initial player rating to all players where possible

Signed Data Sharing agreements with the Provinces

Used the platform to communicate to players via email

Run 10+ local and National tournaments using the platform

Rolled out full functionality to Westport Squash Club (Connacht)

What work is currently being done by Irish Squash?

Importing Tournament Software match history into SportyHQ

On-boarding the Club functionality to a set of new Clubs

What work is going to be done next by Irish Squash?

We are currently looking for clubs to join us when they are ready, willing and able. Clubs can use as much or as little of the available functionality as they wish.

Agree a common formula to calculate Tour points for all junior, senior and Master players, and incorporate that into SportyHQ.

Integrate SportyHQ functionality into the Irish Squash and Provincial Websites.

How can My Club get started and use the Service ?

If you are a Club administrator and wish to find out more about how to avail of this service for your Club please complete the Application Form.

Irish Squash will be back in touch and help you get started.

What player information is/will be being shared with their club, the Provinces and Irish Squash?

Full name

Date of birth – to enable us to automatically rank and rank

Email and phone number – for communications

The platform ensures that GDPR protocols are being followed at all times

What are Irish Squash Rating points?

Any match result saved in SportyHQ (apart from those matches marked as ‘friendly’) will award positive and negative rating points to both players. Over time this will give Irish Squash a single list of players in ability order (regardless of age and gender), based on actual results. The more results that are entered, the more accurate this list becomes.

Eventually, all sanctioned tournaments will automatically be seeded using the National Ratings. It is estimated that it will take a year’s worth of match results for players to be in their corrected position, and players will be informed when this happens.

What are Irish Squash Tour points?

Players competing in competitions identified by Irish Squash as Ranking tournaments will be awarded Tour points based on their finishing positions. These points will help Irish Squash and the National coaches identify players who should be invited to participate in National squads.


Irish Squash and SportyHQ welcome any feedback regarding the rollout or use of this platform from players or clubs. Please use this Feedback Form


What can SportyHQ offer a player?

Player management

Match history

A mobile-enabled website

National rating points

National Tour points

GDPR compliance

Affiliations to Province and NGB

Dedicated scoring mobile app

Mobile App for Scoring

Mobile App for Booking Courts

What can SportyHQ offer a club?

Court bookings

Box leagues


Group communications

Tournament management

Membership management

Role-based access to enhanced functionality

Event Registration

On-line payments


Website builder

API’s (court lights, fob etc)

Affiliations to Province and NGB

What can SportyHQ offer a Tournament Director?

Player communications

Event registration

Event sanctioning

End to end tournament management

Automatic seeding

Online payments

Dedicated scoring mobile app pre-installed on tablets

Live streaming

TV display modules

Role-based access to enhanced functionality

Participation reports

What can SportyHQ offer a coach?

Role-based access to enhanced functionality

Competition Management

Custom groups and sign-up

What can SportyHQ offer a Province?

Event sanctioning

Automated calendar

Provincial player register

Provincial rating

Qualified coach and referee register

Affiliations to NGB

Role-based access to enhanced functionality

GDPR compliance

What can SportyHQ offer Irish Squash?

Event sanctioning

Automated calendar

Player register

National rating

National tour ranking

Qualified coach and referee register

Role-based access to enhanced functionality

GDPR compliance

Participation reports