Software to promote your coaching sessions

Do you treat your coaching sessions like a business?

How many of the players at your club know about the coaching services you offer? How easy is it for them to book your coaching sessions? Where can they find out more about your coaching programmes, or see the testimonials from your satisfied customers?

Most coaches provide their services as a full or part-time business. Growing your coaching business can be a difficult and daunting task. Improving your visibility, streamlining your booking processes and showcasing your services and testimonials can all help to generate interest and new business. Whilst traditional methods (such as club noticeboards) still play a part, many coaches are exploring new ways to promote and run their business using technology.

We recommend that as a coach you take some time to review the services offered by the Neil Lovatt and his online ClubManager software. This is a very cost effective way for a club to manage its court booking and coaching services.

Coaching Software Solutions provides online services to squash clubs and coaches. Each affiliated coach has their own web page which is used to describe their services and help convert interest to business. The page is publicly visible and should perform in google search results. However, the most important aspect is the association between the coach page and a club, since this provides access to a player base of potential customers. Players log in regularly to use the club services and have many opportunities to visit your page, learn about your coaching services and request individual and group sessions.

Next Steps

Services are offered as part of a commercial arrangement between the coach and, and subject to approval of the club. The first 4 months are free with no obligation to proceed. Any coach at a club using court booking systems, leagues or ladders is eligible to sign up. Coaches at other clubs are invited to setup and run a box league or ladder at their club using the system. Contact for further details.