Squash Link Launched

ISEA: Enrichment, Education, Equality


ISEA (Irish Squash and Education Association) is a newly founded youth enrichment non-profit organization that launched its flagship programme ‘Squash Link’ in Ringsend, Dublin 4 on November 2nd. Squash Link is committed to enhancing the future of underserved children by building life skills through squash, education and extracurricular activities. It is strongly influenced by the urban squash model – flourishing throughout the USA and now firmly established in Canada, Columbia, India and South Africa – by offering a unique mentoring programme, helping students build confidence and learn essential life skills


Squash Link is inspired by a community outreach and engagement initiative first introduced by Trinity Squash in 2012 – a programme which saw the introduction of squash to local inner city children whilst also offering Trinity students coaching qualifications.


Up to 150 local primary and secondary school students will be attending SPORTSCO in Ringsend throughout November and December. SPORTSCO is a leading leisure centre and its facilities include three competition standard squash courts. During this period, Squash Link – a first of its kind in Ireland – will be working very closely with local schools in selecting 12 students to participate. As with any challenging after-school initiative, attrition will be inevitable and therefore 12 reserve places will also be offered. The reserve students will be invited along to training sessions and events throughout the year with the promise of joining the programme at a later date.


All involved with ISEA believe passionately in equality of educational opportunity. Where students lack adequate encouragement, confidence and support from their surrounding social environments, Squash Link is ultimately driven by the goal of giving these children the tools to shine both on and off the court by instilling in them the integrity and character to become caring, active and productive members of their communities as adults.


The question of why children drop out of education is inextricably tied to our knowledge about why children do not learn – explanations which include poverty, low attendance and negative peer influences. Programmes such as Squash Link rely on the value and importance of human connection, on relationships. Everyone involved or wanting to get involved with ISEA passionately embraces the reality that no significant learning occurs without significant relationships and understanding. Squash Link’s edifice is therefore one built on this imperative to understand the needs of underserved children defenselessly at risk of leaving school early.


Get involved


If you want to inspire positive health and lifestyle outcomes, improve levels of socio-emotional responsibility and facilitate character development, life-long learning and leadership skills for the benefit of underserved children, Squash Link would love to hear from you. You can find out more about the programme at www.squashlink.org. ISEA will in due course be offering training and orientation programmes for anyone who would like to consider a commitment to our mission and vision.


We have an outstanding voluntary board of world class squash players, educators and business people all devoting their time and energy to the Squash Link cause. If excited by the prospect of engaging with us, simply get in touch. We are seeking highly motivated students and professionals wanting to be a part of this unique offering.


To register your interest, please email: squashlinkireland@gmail.com.