About Us


Irish Squash is the National Governing Body (NGB) for the sport of squash in Ireland and is officially recognised as such by the Irish Sports Council.

The Irish Squash Federation is an All Ireland Body encompassing the 32 counties with the four Regional Provinces being responsible for organising Leagues and Competitions.

As a National Governing Body we proactively develop and promote squash. We offer a comprehensive range of support and services at national, regional and local levels including:

  • Events and competitions for all ages and abilities
  • Coaching Education Programmes
  • Advice on Technical and Maintenance services
  • Structured Development Programmes
  • Raise awareness of the sport

Irish Squash is a member of the World Federation of Squash (WSF) and the European Federation of Squash (ESF). Irish Squash is an organisation funded from the following sectors:

  • Public Sector Funding (Irish Sports Council)
  • Membership / Affiliation Fees
  • Private Sector Sponsorship

Squash has been voted “the world’s healthiest sport” by Forbes magazine in a technical survey that included measure of cardiovascular endurance, muscle strength, muscular endurance, flexibility and calories burnt. Squash is a game for life and can be played from ages 5 – 80 yrs approx. In a recent ESRI study (Sporting

Lives: An Analysis of a Lifetime of Irish Sport) it was noted that team sports are played at a younger age with a transition to more individual sports in adulthood. This trend should place squash in a strong position in terms of building a life-long sport model. We also aware that the proportion of the population that is overweight is increasing. To combat this trend, sport and physical activity have a key role to play. Squash is ideal for those with a busy lifestyle as one can play a good game, have a fun workout, shower and change inside one hour. You only have to find one opponent and because it is indoors, it never gets rained off!


To make squash in Ireland a leading world class sport, suitable for all family members.

Mission Statement

To promote squash in Ireland as a healthy, invigorating, lifelong sport that is played by a significant number of people of all ages and all classes of society at all levels. To develop squash in Ireland as a truly world-class sport.