European U19 Team Championship – 4th Place Finish

Well done to our team –  Aimee McConnell, Sara Sabry, Dylan Moran, Jack O’Flynn & Sean Murphy in the U19 European Championships where they finished 4th. Seeded 4th in a pool with Switzerland, Belgium & Croatia they topped the pool and beat Czech in the last 8 and lost to France in the semis. In the 3rd/4th play off they lost 2-1 to the Netherlands Well done to coaches David Noone & Ken Flynn & manager Christine Mooney also. Great team effort!!





Standings of ESF – Mixed Team u19 Championships – Group D
    Points Played Won Draws Lost Rubbers Games Points
1 IRLIreland 6 3 3 0 0 6 3 20 10 288 206
2 SUISwitzerland 4 3 2 0 1 6 3 19 11 285 211
3 CROCroatia 2 3 1 0 2 4 5 13 15 201 227
4 BELBelgium 0 3 0 0 3 2 7 8 24 189 319

Show draw…

Latest matches of ESF – Mixed Team u19 Championships – Group D
  Time Home Away Score Court
  Thu 06/04/2023 14:30 SwitzerlandSwitzerland CroatiaCroatia 2-1 Sihlsports – ds sports ct.1
  Thu 06/04/2023 14:30 IrelandIreland BelgiumBelgium 2-1 Sihlsports – blüetetraum ct.2
  Fri 07/04/2023 10:00 SwitzerlandSwitzerland BelgiumBelgium 3-0 Sihlsports – ds sports ct.1
  Fri 07/04/2023 10:00 IrelandIreland CroatiaCroatia 2-1 Sihlsports – blüetetraum ct.2
  Fri 07/04/2023 14:30 IrelandIreland SwitzerlandSwitzerland 2-1 Sihlsports – ds sports ct.1
  Fri 07/04/2023 14:30 BelgiumBelgium CroatiaCroatia 1-2 Sihlsports – blüetetraum ct.2

All matches…

Day 9:

Result from our last match is 2-1 to the Dutch. Big win for Jack O’Flynn vs current World Junior Champion, Rowan Damming but despite playing very well, Sara and Sean lost.
So a 4th place overall which is a strong performance and one the team can be very proud of this week.
Well done all!!

NetherlandsNED – IRLIreland2-1

Time: Sun 09/04/2023 12:30
Draw: ESF – Mixed Team u19 Championships – Position 1-8
Score: 2-1


Match overview
Order Event NetherlandsNED IRLIreland Score Points     Duration
1 GS
Renske Huntelaar Netherlands
Ireland Sara Sabry
11-4 11-6 11-2 1-0     18m
2 BS1
Rowan Damming Netherlands
Ireland Jack O Flynn
11-2 11-13 11-1 4-11 7-11 0-1     46m
3 BS2
Samuel Gerrits Netherlands
Ireland Sean Murphy
11-8 11-7 11-7 1-0     30m

Day 9:

Our last day in Zurich. What a day to finish on. So many ups and downs. 

All players here, all levels from all countries will be running on fumes. It’s a physically very demanding event, lots of sore muscles and fatigue.

We were playing for bronze today. A tough match against the Dutch, who have the world champion in their roster, Rowan Damming.

As a team, our best bet was to put our freshest team out and go as hard as possible.

Jack, Sean and Sara were selected, Aimee and Dylan playing a big role in supporting their team mates.

Sara was up first, playing a talented younger player, who was quick and aggressive. Sara played super well, not quite managing to take a game but putting a her best fight to date! Without doubt improving with every match.

Next up…. Jack O’Flynn. Hard to describe this one. He played the match of his life. Against all odds, all expectations he managed to play to his potential and dug so deep to push the Dutch superstar to a 5th game. Rowan had just beaten Jonah Bryant in the semi finals and was looking sharp. Jack mustered up the courage to play disciplined squash and troubled Rowan in all areas, with great racket head speed and counter attacks. 

He created 4 match balls and converted on the second one, he erupted with emotion and walked off the court with a special feeling, having beaten the world champ.. 

Our decider came down to Sean Murphy. Sean is a gritty, skilful player with the potential to beat anyone on his day. Today, on the big stage and with the occasion of a medal on the line, it was a step too far. He played great squash, really attacking but we could tell something was up. He was cramping in his stomach and couldn’t move as well as he usually does. He lost in 3.. super gutted for Sean. Disappointing for him, it’s one that will take some time to get over.. but we’re proud of the effort made by the whole team!!

Over all, 4th in Europe is an exceptional result. 

We will leave for home physically battered but with our heads held high. 

A special thanks goes to Sara’s little 6 year old sister, Emily, who was here the entire time. She provided such great fun for us all with her big fun energy made the best little mascot! 

We have a dinner party to close the event and our Irish squash president will be doing the prize giving, Rosie Barry.

David Noone

Day 8:

IrelandIRL – FRAFrance1-2

Time: Sat 08/04/2023 16:30
Draw: ESF – Mixed Team u19 Championships – Position 1-8
Score: 1-2


Match overview
Order Event IrelandIRL FRAFrance Score Points     Duration
1 GS
Aimee Mcconnell Ireland
France Ana Munos
4-11 5-11 5-11 0-1     17m
2 BS1
Dylan Moran Ireland
France Melvil Scianimanico
13-11 4-11 9-11 6-11 0-1     44m
3 BS2
Jack O Flynn Ireland
France Titouan Isambard
11-3 11-4 1-0     19m


Quarter finals morning.

Always a great feeling to wake up and be in the mix of the main event when the standard is so high. It’s an extra great feeling when the team is full of confidence, fully believing that the tie against the Czechs is one we will win.
Breakfast as usual, not quite as early which was nice to get a longer snooze. Oats and fruit for some players, 400 mini chocolate croissants for Dylan Moran.
Kick off was 12.00, Dylan, Jack and Sara the team. This team is so close in level that it was super difficult to leave any player out, it’s always a tough call!
A complete performance from Dylan put us 1-0 up.. destroying the Czech no.1 in minutes, playing all the right shots and keeping his error count to a minimum.
Sara had a tough test, and has been improving match by match. This was another occasion where she played her best squash, more positive and more confident! But not to be for the 16 year old.. plenty to come from her in the future no doubt.
Jack was in for the decider, playing a tall, athletic opponent. Very professional approach from Jack, as expected. He got off to a great start in each game and held it the whole way through, demonstrating control and finesse at the right times. Winning 3-0 and sending us into the SEMIFINALS!!! Super excited to take in the French!

Semi Final
Team to play – Dylan, Jack and Aimee. Playing order was Boy no.1, Girl no.1 and Boy no.2.
Dylan had a big test.. physically his opponent, Melvil Scianimanico is very impressive, tough to win a point against this guy. Dylan battled his way through the first game, 13-11.. but that came with a consequence, he was drained. Losing the second game, he gathered himself for the 3rd and went 5-1 up. The Frenchman was working the front of the court so well, making Dylan do a mammoth amount of work. Cramp set in for our warrior, he couldn’t convert the lead and went 2-1 down. The fourth ran away from him and we were a match down.. big hill to climb!

Aimee stepped up to take on the French girl. The pressure was on and Aimee played some great squash. Going toe to toe for as long as she could, but the intensity was high and the errors crept in. Before long Aimee was 2-0 but found a spark in the third to take a good lead. It was short lived as the French player pegged back the lead and clinched the tie for her team.

Jack played the dead rubber match and thrashed Titouan, a classy performance.
Not much consolation for the team, a shame not to make the final but a great effort!!
Still a bronze medal to play for tomorrow and we will be gunning for it against a strong Dutch outfit.

David Noone


Match Result

IrelandIRL – CZECzech republic2-1

Time: Sat 08/04/2023 12:00
Draw: ESF – Mixed Team u19 Championships – Position 1-8
Score: 2-1


Match overview
Order Event IrelandIRL CZECzech republic Score Points     Duration
1 BS1
Dylan Moran Ireland
Czech Republic Alex Kelar
11-1 11-7 11-3 1-0     20m
2 GS
Sara Sabry Ireland
Czech Republic Karolina Sramkova
3-11 5-11 8-11 0-1     19m
3 BS2
Jack O Flynn Ireland
Czech Republic Martin Stepan
11-3 11-9 11-1 1-0     26m
Next match is vs France at 3.30 in the semi final. Watch it from Ct 2 live HERE

Good Luck Team!!


Day 7:

What a day!
The usual start, early team breakfast and pack the bags for two matches at the club. Nothing too exciting for the first tie, we had Croatia who were doing things on a bit of a budget. Just the three players, no coach, no manager, so hats off to the players!! They do have an amazing player in Franka Vidovic, one of Europe’s best junior girls.
Sara played Franka, and put in a serous effort. Her best performance to date. Losing 3-0 but a very good showing of heart and talent.
Dylan rested for his colossal task in the afternoon and Jack and Sean stepped up to take the victory for Ireland. Both 3-0 wins, both equally comfortable and impressive!

Our second match of the day was the one to test us. Switzerland, at home. Jack played Fabien Seitz, was slightly troubled in the second game but found a way to grind out the win. As champions do. The first and third were more one sided and in the end, a totally dominant display. 3-0 to Jack.
Dylan played David Bernet. One of the worlds best juniors, third at the individual championships a few days ago. Dylan had pushed him in the German Open semi final,  but this match was in his sights for some revenge.
Dylan lost the first game, played at an incredible level! Tough, accurate squash. He gathered himself and was off to a flyer in the second, controlling the pace and executing a great game plan to perfection. With some brave, athletic and beautiful squash, he managed a giant win 3-1. winning his games 12-10, 11-4, 13-11 with a nail bitter to finish.
Absolutely incredible stuff. He can be immensely proud of himself, we certainly are.
Aimee played Stella Kaufman. Tough opponent, but with the tie already wrapped up she could play freely. Unfortunately in some good exchanges, she came out the worse off and lost in 3.
Beating the Swiss means we’ve topped our group and go into the 1/4 finals in a strong position, and full of confidence to take on the Czech Republic.

Wish us luck.

David Noone

Day 5&6:

After the individuals we had a well deserved rest day. Bit of a sleep in and a late breakfast before heading in to see Zurich centre. Really nice city, we visited lake shore and explored the old town. Perfect way to relax before our evening practice.
Christine Mooney joined us as team manager and Ken Flynn as assistant coach. Great to have fresh faces and extra energy for our quest as a team.

On the opening day of the teams there was a flag ceremony and introduction of all 16 countries. Sean Murphy was our flag bearer, on his 18th birthday!
We quickly settled down to business and had Belgium in our first group match.
Dylan had no issue getting past his opponent, a super quick 3-0. Similar for Sean, far too skilled and experienced for his Belgian counterpart, 3-0.
Aimee had a tougher proposition but got off to a flyer, playing with a smooth confidence. After going one love up she got into her own head a little and that confidence started dwindling. Losing the next two games she recouped and got it to a decider. A slower start than her opponent, she fell behind and couldn’t make up the difference, losing 3-2, very unfortunate.
A team win however. 2-1.
We play Croatia tomorrow at 1000 and a tough Swiss outfit at 1430.. live stream available for the Swiss match on court 1!
A bit of cake for Sean after dinner, relax for the evening and battle hard tomorrow.

David Noone