Two Challanges for Gaskin v Conroy

Next week the IRISH number 1 Arthur Gaskin and teammate Sean Conroy have 2 challenge matches on successive days. OnGaskinVConroy Westwood Jan 2017-1 Monday they play in Westwood SC, Dublin and on Tuesday in Celtic SC, Waterford. And if that wasn’t enough Arthur is also getting married this week.
In Westwood also on Monday, Arthur will play the new British Junior U13 Champion (and World Champion), in one game (PAR) to 15, at 7pm.
Then the big match will take place with the 2 highest ranked Irish squash players battling it out, 1 month before they play in the Senior National Championships, the biggest event on the Irish Squash calendar. I can assure you neither will want to give a mental edge to the other, so close to the National’s.
On Tuesday, in Celtic SC, the proceedings get started at 7pm. Arthur will do a Junior Clinic before the match, with some of the Celtic Juniors.
A night to look forward to for these 2 great Squash clubs, who have given so much to IRISH SQUASH!!