Senior Interprovincials Results


Galway Lawn Tennis played host to the Irish Squash Senior Interprovincials over the weekend, March 24th & 25th. Some great matches took place in both the ‘A’ event and ‘B’ event. Unfortunately the event was missing a ladies section and no Ulster representation at any level. Without any Ulster teams, it meant just one tie taking place per session. On Friday evening Connacht played Leinster in both ‘A’ and ‘B’ sections.
Connacht A vs Leinster A
1. Brian Byrne 3-0 Conor Moran
2. David Noone 3-0 Sam Buckley
3. Niall Rooney 1-3 Luke Logan
4. Patrick Quinn 0-3 Scott Gillanders
5. Donal O’Shea 0-3 Eoin Ryan

Leinster win the tie 3-2

Connacht B vs Leinster B

1. Andre Davies 1-3 Sean Dineen
2. Jack Davies 0-3 Pat Morrissey
3. Niall Brennan 0-3 David Ryan
4. Cormac MacMahon 2-3 Brian Collins
5. (player injured) w/o John Dillion

Leinster win the tie 5-0

Saturday morning Connacht played Munster in both ‘A’ and ’B’ sections.


Connacht A vs Munster A

1. David Noone 3-2 Kevin Knox
2. Niall Rooney 3-1 Ken O’Keeffe
3. Donal O’Shea 3-0 Mark Furlong
4. Ronan Tully 1-3 Donagh Crowley
5. Andre Davies 3-0 Clive Morgan

Connacht win the tie 4-1

Connacht B vs Munster B

1. Jack Davies 0-3 Mike Howard
2. Niall Brennan 1-3 Paul O’Mahony
3. Cormac MacMahon 1-3 Brian Dunbar
4. Eoghan Lynch 0-3 Barry Lynch
5. Neil Brennan 3-1 Cathal Lynch

Munster win the tie 4-1.

Saturday afternoon Leinster played Munster in both A and B sections

Leinster A vs Munster A

1. Conor Moran 3-2 Kevin Knox
2. Sam Buckley 3-1 Ken O’Keeffe
3. Luke Logan 3-0 Mark Furlong
4. Scott Gillanders 3-0 Donagh Crowley
5. Eoin Ryan 3-0 Clive Morgan

Leinster win the tie 5-0

Leinster B vs Munster B

1. Sean Dineen 3-2 Mike Howard
2. Pat Morrissey 3-? Ken O’Keeffe
3. David Ryan 3-2 Brian Dunbar
4. Brian Collins 3-0 Barry Lynch
5. John Dillion 3-0 Cathal Lynch

Leinster win the tie 5-0.

Final Positions

A SectionLeinster A Winners

1. Leinster (Pictured)
2. Connacht
3. Munster

Leinster B Winners


B Section

1. Leinster (Pictured)
2. Munster
3. Connacht