Irish Masters Open 2023 – Report

The highly anticipated Irish Masters Open took place at the weekend drawing significant attention and an abundance of international entries, with over 20 countries represented. From newcomers to seasoned veterans, the Irish Masters Open showcased some thoroughly entertaining and high-quality squash, proving once again that age is just a number.

As this was European Squash Federation accredited event, the world’s best masters’ players made an appearance, with two former World Masters Champions and three former European Masters Champions making the journey to Dublin.

More than 180 players of Europe’s finest masters’ players took to the court across 14 different categories, with male and females from 35-75+ competing and displaying their skillsets.

Over 350 matches took place from Thursday to Sunday in Fitzwilliam Lawn Tennis Club and Mount Pleasant Lawn Tennis club in Ireland’s capital. Action was intense across all four days with multiple finals matches going right to the wire, being decided in five-sets.

The event was superbly run and organised by Gerry Callanan, while Brian Rock was also instrumental as the tournament software operator. The event received brilliant feedback from players, fans, and other stakeholders alike.

Our very own Irish contingent put on a valiant showing, securing a podium position in 13 of the 14 categories and ultimately winning 8 of them with impressive results against world-renowned opposition. This terrific haul secures valuable ranking points for Irish players alongside bragging rights.

Full Podium places from all 14 categories can be seen below, with full placings and results available at:

If you’d like to watch back, you can watch the livestream via Irish Squash TV here:


Irish Masters Open – 2023 (Podium Positions)

MO 35+                                                          WO 35+
1st – Sam Olwill (IRE)                                         1st – Ciara Moloney Doheny (IRE)
2nd – Richard Hill (PRT)                                      2nd – Tanya Scullion (IRE)         
3rd – Dermot Macnamara (IRE)                          3rd – Monica Drusian (ITA)

MO 40+                                                          WO 40+
1st – Nigel Peyton (IRE)                                     1st – Siobhan Parker (IRE)
2nd – Guillermo Pedernera (ARG)                       2nd – Ciara Davey (IRE)
3rd – Karl Gillis (IRE)                                          3rd – Aoileann Ni Chomhrai (IRE)

MO 45+                                                          WO 45+
1st – Neil Macarron (IRE)                                   1st – Catherine Ruffle (ENG)
2nd – Alberto Ferreiro (ESP)                               2nd – Saoirse O ´Sullivan (IRE)
3rd – Kevin Knox (IRE)                                       3rd – Stefanie Leiber (GER)

MO 50+                                                          WO 50+
1st – Adrian Hansen (SA)                                   1st – Melanie Kreisel (GER)
2nd – Rob Stauton (IRE)                                    2nd – Annabelle Diamantino (MAL)
3rd – David Ayerst (IRE)                                    3rd – Rachel Mcnulty (IRE)        

MO 55+                                                          WO 55+
1st – David Sly (CAN)                                         1st – Rosie Barry (IRE)   
2nd – Adrian Leeson (NI)                                    2nd – Störte Becker (GER)
3rd – Richard Elliot (USA)                                   3rd – Dympna Reardon (IRE)     

MO 60+                                                          MO 65+
1st – William Hosey (IRE)                                   1st – Allen Barwise (ENG)
2nd – Jonas Ulvsback (SWE)                               2nd – Andrew Clarkson (ENG)
3rd – Lluis Suárez (ESP)                                      3rd – José Luis Orizaola (ESP)

MO 70+                                                           MO 75+
1st – Patrick Hanley (IRE)                                   1st – José Luis Alba (ESP)          
2nd – Martin Francis Maher (IRE)                     2nd – Tim Murphy (IRE)            
3rd – Joey Mc Auley (ENG)                                 3rd – Robert Keilmann (GER)