CitySquash/Squash Link Route 66 cycling participants, raising awareness and funds for urban squash. They made their way from California to Chicago in 28 days from 7th June to 4th July.

ISEA (Irish Squash and Education Association) – is a newly founded Squash-Oriented charity for children that has been setup and and will be launched in Dublin later this month by founder Mark Kelly. Mark has assembled an enthusiastic  group to help build this charity and is looking forward to working with local clubs and players around Ireland.

The Irish Squash and Education Association (ISEA) will address educational disadvantage in Ireland through urban squash, the out of school youth enrichment and development model that combines squash, the catalyst, with academic support, mentoring, community service and further education placement for students at risk of leaving school early ( – and you can meet Katiria Sanchez, former CitySquash programme participant here.

The urban squash model is flourishing throughout the USA and is also now firmly established in Canada, Columbia, India and South Africa. A former Dublin University Squash and Rackets Club Captain and student of medicine, Rob Ta, also a founding member of Squash Link, recently enjoyed his visit to Urban Squash Toronto. Read about it here.

We aim to raise €10,000 by cycling from the city centre to all of Dublin’s squash clubs in one day. Playing a game of squash at each club on Saturday 10th October, we will start at Joe May in Skerries and head south to all participating clubs.

If you are interested in joining as a cyclist or squash player or helping supporting us in any way, please do get in touch: