Masters Home Internationals – Cardiff

The Masters HI internationals took place in Cardiff this weekend with 3 categories – Womens O45’s, Mens O65’s and O45’s


Womens O45’s

Rachael McNulty (C)
Suzanne Swan
Saoirse O’Sullivan
Niamh Darcy
Suzanne O’Shaughnessy
Sarah Scanlan

Mens O65’s

Eamon O’Keeffe (C)
Michael Conlon
Donal Coughlan
Pat Hanley
Peter Stephens
Gerry Delaney

Mens O45’s

Dara O’Flynn (C)
Neal Murphy
Derek Ryan
David Ayerst
John Hurley
Ryan Crossman

The Womens O45’s and Nen’s O45’s had an excellent 2nd place, while the Mens O65’s came 3rd.


Well done to them all.


See results and team pictures below.