COVID19 Update for Players & Coaches 

COVID-19 Update for Players & Coaches 
Each squash club will have made well-informed and well-intentioned decisions about club closure or restricted access to facilities during the COVID19 outbreak. Irish Squash fully respects and supports decisions made to close sports club facilities where risk assessments by management conclude that this is essential.

Irish Squash recommends that squash clubs should not be open during this time.

Where a club has allowed continued access to squash facilities, Irish Squash recommend the following restrictions on use:
  • One player only per court at a time
  • Only use own racket & ball 
  • Maintain social distancing (2metres) at all times from any other person whilst off court
  • A player should arrive in their gear ready to go on court and to leave immediately after court use
  • Showering/changing should be done at home
  • Disinfectant wipes should be available outside the court for cleaning court door handle (& any other surfaces contacted by hands, body fluids) before & after use of the court
  • Parents should decide whether their children can responsibly follow the recommended guidelines – if not, juniors should not be allowed to play
  • A coach may continue to work provided lessons are one-to-one, coach remains off court and 2 metre distance is maintained at all times from the player
At all times, anyone with ONE of the following symptoms- fever, cough, generally unwell- should stay at home and contact their GP.
If in any doubt, trust your instincts and please stay at home!
We ask clubs to forward this message to your members and put on your club  noticeboard.
Rosie Barry
President Irish Squash