Affiliations Policy 2023/24

Both the club and their individual members will need to be affiliated to Irish Squash and it will be the responsibility of the club to register and administer the payment fees due to Irish Squash for their club and various category of individual membership. (i.e. competitive player, social player, junior etc).


The cost for club affiliation is €120 (ROI) & £110 (NI) and the benefits the club receives are as follows:

1 Insurance. All affiliated clubs are covered under Irish Squash’s Public Liability insurance Policy. See below.

2 Single Platform. SportyHQ is a single platform IT infrastructure used by Irish Squash to help organise our sport, generate player ratings and rankings, run tournaments, and connect the squash community. Clubs will be expected to adopt SportyHQ free of charge as a direct benefit of affiliation to Irish Squash to help manage them membership fees, court booking system and run club events.

3 Funding – All affiliate clubs will have access to funding opportunities from Sport Ireland and other government sources which can only be applied for through the NGB

4 Referees and Regulations – All affiliate clubs will have access to a panel of properly trained Referees and Markers to ensure that the World Squash rules and regulations are adhered to. Referee courses are available to all members.

5 Coaching – All affiliate clubs will have access WSF Qualified coaches and Coaching Ireland certified Coaching Courses for members, facilitated by our qualified Tutors.

6 Access to the Garda Vetting process (in ROI) and the Access NI (in NI) note Irish Squash has a dedicated Child Protection Officer. In addition all members will be supported with our Child Protection Policies which conform to the highest standards 7 Shape your Sport. All affiliated clubs can contribute to the direction of squash in Ireland and share their experiences with best practice ideas.

The benefits the individual members receive are as follows:

1 Insurance. All affiliated members are covered under Irish Squash’s Personal Accident Policy when engaging in any squash activities, including playing in non-affiliated facilities and when playing abroad. See below.

2 Tournaments. All affiliate members are eligible to participate in all Irish Squash approved tournaments and events.

3 Opportunity to represent your Province/Country, only affiliate members are eligible for Provincial and National Team selection.

4 Training Camps. Affiliate members can attend Irish Squash Training Camps if they are selected by their respective National Coaches.

5 Development: All affiliate members can have access to WSF coaching and referee programmes.

6 Shape your Sport. All affiliated members can contribute to the direction of squash in Ireland.


The cost for the individual member categories are as follows:

Category                             Fee (Irl)                 Fee (NI)                                Definition

Competitive player         €25                         £20                         Plays in provincial leagues or IS Tournament

Social player                       €15                         £10                        Plays within the club only

Associate                             €10                         £10                        A non-playing member

Junior                                    €5                          £5                         A player under 19 (social or competitive)

Student                                 €10                        £10                       A university student under 23

Overseas                             €15                          £10                         Resident outside of Ireland but wishing to

                                                                                                              play in IS Tournament. Register HERE

Mini member                    €0                            €0                          Determined by individual club policy

Trial member                     €0                           €0                          Determined by individual club policy

Registration Process

Irish Squash expects that the Club collects the affiliation fee on behalf of Irish Squash.

The fee is derived from the number and type of members in the club as outlined in the various categories above and is collected annually in October for the next twelve-month period.

The Club submits the payment to Irish Squash. The club can manually submit the list of players using XL spreadsheet. See below. When the club submits the file manually, the Irish Squash administrator will upload the players on the system. The affiliation payment must be done at the same time direct to the Irish Squash Bank a/c

AIB Crumlin Road, Dublin 12

Sort Code: 93-31-12

Account no.: 09565067

IBAN: IE85 AIBK 9331 1209 5650 67


The information to be provided by the club will be:

  • Club Name
  • Player Name (First and Second)
  • Date of Birth
  • Gender            (i) Male  (ii) Female  (iii) Other    (iv) rather not say
  • Player email address
  • Type of Irish Squash Membership


Summary for club/public liability and individuals/personnal accident cover – HERE

Claim Form – HERE

Once claim form is complete send to


Affiliation Policy 2023/24

Template for Club Membership Details

Data Sharing Agreement