Dutch Junior Open – Denis Wins U19

Dutch Junior Open 2022

An enormous junior squash event takes place each July in Amsterdam, providing world class squash and top end childhood memories for any players lucky enough to compete in this perfectly run tournament, in one of the best venues in the world.
Dozens of countries are represented from all parts of the globe with almost 450 entries this year. You’ll see everything from the exuberant American academies in tow with an entourage of coaches to the humble Irish clubs being represented by Sligo players and Waterford players, all mixing together and having the time of their life’s in the 21 court mega-venue, the Frans Otten Stadium.
The draws are as big as 128 players (boysU17) and the level goes from worlds best to club level, every level catered for.
We had 16 players from our shores doing us proud, most getting upwards of 6 tournament matches each. All Provences were represented which I personally love, and all will have banked some great inspiration for training back home, one of the biggest benefits of making the effort to play these events.
Even though all players from Ireland have done themselves extremely proud, you could write a book on all the matches played through 14 hour days (0900-2300!!!), our most exciting results were coming from the enigmatic Bray man Denis Gilevskiy. He was a joy to watch, pulling apart world class players with exquisite squash, silky dynamite movements and all the excitement you could wish for watching squash. All done without a murmur to the referee and fully respecting his opponents.
He went through the U19 event in style, big challenges overcome along the way gaining him even more fans.
Ireland’s first ever Dutch JO winner, an incredibly worthy champion!
All Irish players can be proud of how they represented themselves and their country, an event I think any squash enthusiast should aspire to play in 2023!
Well done
Rebecca Day, Harry Yeomans, John Day, David Connell, Laya Sabry, Rebecca Jackson, Zoe Yeomans, Frank O’Flynn, Conal Jackson, Sarah Sabry, Danny Lynch, Ewan Kielty, Aimee McConnell, Jack O’Flynn, Sean Murphy and the U19 champion – Denis Gilevskiy!

David Noone

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