WHAT?    Four 1-hour LIVE sessions of squash specific strength & conditioning exercises delivered over a 48-hour period to emulate a weekend tournament with players from Ireland, Wales, England & Scotland

When?   5-7th March.   Duration: 1 hour.    Schedule: Friday 6pm, Saturday 11am, Saturday 6pm, Sunday 11am

Who?    Squash Juniors aged 11-18

Need?    1 light weight (dumbbell, Medicine Ball or 2 litre bottle of water); Racket; Court Shoes; Non-slip surface; Area of 3m minimum to move forwards/back; and Laptop/phone/tablet

Delivered by?  Derek Ryan: Former World No.7; PSA World Tour Lead Physio; Professional Strength & Conditioning Consultant to Leading PSA Players

How?      Delivered LIVE and ONLINE via ZOOM. Video on or off

Points?     Awarded on attendance basis. Penalty deductions for non-attendance!! On the spot extra point opportunities. Highest Nation average to determine Winner!

Points Based System
The points based system works as follows:  1 point per session attended.  Bonus point if all 4 sessions attended.  It is ok if participants do not attend all 4 sessions however there will be penalty deductions for example:
1 Class attended:      1 point awarded but 3 points deducted = Score -2
2 Classes attended:  2 points awarded but 2 points deducted = Score 0
3 Classes attended:  3 points awarded but 1 point deducted = Score 2
4 Classes attended:  4 points awarded plus 1 bonus point = Score 5
There will also be opportunities for bonus points during the sessions! 
At the end of the tournament, points will be tallied for each nation and divided by the number of nation participants to give a nation average.  The nation with the highest average will be crowned the winner! 
Designated Responsible Adult from each nation will be in attendance at each of the 4 sessions.
Videos May be On or Off during each of the sessions but the full name used at registration must be displayed on Zoom for all sessions attended. 
All feedback before, during or after the tournament is welcome so please feel free to direct this via your association.
To Apply – Send an e mail to info@irishsquash.com to enter for free, with the email address of the parent/guardian and the name of the player entering. Do not send the email address of the player. Closing date is Thursday March 4th @ 1pm. The zoom links will then be sent to you.

Good Luck and we hope you all enjoy the ‘Tournament’