RESULTS – Mount Pleasant Junior Mixed Open 2013


WHERE: Mount Pleasant, Ranelagh, Dublin 6

WHEN: Sat/Sun 7th/8th September 2013

Just to say thank you to all who played in the Mount Pleasant JMO at the week-end. We are all very happy with the success of the event. To have girls and boys and players of different ages competing against each was as fantastic as it was unusual to see. In addition to be able to present three full draws in a squash competition was very satisfying. I know that the players, particularly all our younger competitors got a great buzz from competing – many for the first time.

Over 53 junior players played in this pioneering event, with most of the entrants 13 years or younger.
The ‘ability’ format of the Mount Pleasant JMO, categorising players on ability, as opposed to age and gender and is designed to give all players a more challenging and competitive experience.

There are three sections with a full 16 person draw playing the Swiss format and a 5 person round robin.


A section – Conor Moran (Sutton LTC) bt Harry Lloyd (Fitzwilliam LTC) 11-5,11-4,5-11,14-12

B section – Sophie O’Rourke (Highfield SC) bt Emma McGugan (D. Lloyd, Belfast) 9-11,10-12,11-8,11-9,12-10

C section – Rachel kavanagh (CarlowLTC) bt Jake Somers (Carlow LTC) 11-4,11-6,11-8

D section – Matthew Polley (Westwood) won in a 5 person round robin.


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We are convinced that this is the way forward for junior squash in Ireland in the medium future, where the pool of players, particularly girls, is limited.

We must to use the all the players we have to better effect in competition.


Well done to everyone who supported our pilot event. Of course we will be delighted to see you all at the Mount Pleasant JMO 2014.

In the meantime we are planning to run a one day event in the near future so watch out for that.


Mount Pleasant JMO




Some reaction from parents to the Mount Pleasant JMO


“Great tournament and organisation displayed over the week-end

We thoroughly enjoyed

Many thanks to all concerned

C “


Thank you very much for organising the event. It was my son Louis’s first tournament, and I think he got a huge amount out of it and enjoyed it thoroughly!





“Hi Henry, Fiona here – Spencer’s  mum. Thanks a million for a brilliant weekend. It was a great experience for Spencer and all the other kids. It was amazing to see the competitive spirit in all of them.

Many thanks,


“Hi Henry,


Thanks for all your work in organising the tournament.  I think Zach learnt loads from it.


See you on Sunday.


All the best,






Thanks for all of the effort that you guys put in!! It seemed to go very smoothly. Jude really enjoyed it and told me that he feels he learned a lot from the experience!!


A nice treat to get a voucher for Martyn Evans, too! Very unexpected.


I’ve just entered him for the Connacht U13 to keep up the educational process!


See you later in the week.



“Great event Henry, well done to the you and the team and I thought the format worked out very well.  Looking at the results yesterday and to see so many thrilling 5 setters was fantastic and judging from the overall atmosphere I thought the kids seemed to be really enjoying the event.


Mixing the event certainly challenges the seeding so the kids are closely matched and mixing the girls worked out very well with some ding dong matches.


Jack loved the weekend and has been asking if we can build a court out in the back garden!!