Squash Info & World Squash Library Form Federation Links

SquashInfo.com and World Squash Library have established affiliations with four of the sport’s key international federations.

In partnership since January 2021, consolidating the history and records of the sport, SquashInfo and WSL have signed agreements with the World Squash Federation (WSF), the Professional Squash Association (PSA), the European Squash Federation (ESF), and the Asian Squash Federation (ASF).

“SquashInfo and the WSL share identical goals, namely to make available all the sport’s most significant records, results, player data and history – both digitally and physically,” explained WSL founder Andrew Shelley“Hitherto, much of this information has been available – but from a variety of different sources.”

For the WSF, the Library will begin to unearth missing results from past world championships in publications, personal records, etc; whilst SquashInfo, which provides digitised and searchable records of the world’s leading players and events in one place, will add them to their results cache.

Similarly for the ESF and ASF – whose detailed results of their regional championships are incomplete.

For PSA, SquashInfo and the Library will assist with historical player information, event and player stats, and other details as required.

“The WSF has immediately supported this crucial task undertaken by SquashInfo and WSL to become the official data hub of our sport and we encourage all squash organisations to ensure their past and present information is preserved and available across all channels and to the widest audience,” said WSF CEO William Louis-Marie.

The PSA’s Chief Commercial Officer Tommy Berden added: “Preserving the history of the sport is incredibly important and both the World Squash Library and Squash Info have helped to ensure that key stats, dates and events have been made available to the squash community.

“Our work with the World Squash Library and Squash Info will complement our existing archive of statistical information, which will allow us to tell greater stories around the sport and our athletes.”

ESF President Thomas Troedsson commented: “We are delighted with the agreed arrangement with SquashInfo.com and World Squash Library. The goal is to preserve our history completely, store it safely and offer an extra service to our member nations. ESF supports WSL & SI in doing so, and we will work closely together.”

SquashInfo boasts the sport’s most comprehensive database, featuring results from almost 10,000 events going back to the mid-1950s; details of around 20,000 players from some 150 nations; and world ranking lists back to the earliest in 1975. Further information at www.squashinfo.com/

WSL is an independent ‘not-for-profit’ initiative to ensure that books, magazines, championship programmes, results, images and other information can be brought together in one place to respond to enquiries from current players, media, Federations, students – simply anyone wanting information on the long or near past, and preserved for the future. More details at www.squashlibrary.info/