Women’s Squash Week 2023 – President’s Message

This week has marked Women’s Squash Week 2023 and it has been great to see & participate in Women in Squash week activities across our island! 
Off the court, Irish Squash are making progress in promoting women’s involvement in our sport. Our current board exceeds the required gender quota for female representation – this is vitally important for securing essential government funding for squash. We also plan to expand the gender quota requirement for the Provincial Associations as part of our organisational review process. 
The Women in Leadership courses endorsed by Sport Ireland have been a valuable resource that we have been able to access for our members through Women in Sport funding. 
Women in Sport initiatives funded through Irish Squash have also generated successful & sustained programs in our affiliated clubs for women and schoolgirls. We plan to expand on this activity this season.
Since 2021, our Level 1 coaching courses have attracted increasing numbers of women and we recently had our first ever all-female course! Check our website for lists of approved coaches.
We also recognise the enormous support that parents of our juniors provide to the squash community & their contribution as volunteers at clubs & competitions throughout the squash season.
My attention was caught by the recent publication of State of the Nation research by Lidl Ireland on girls in sport (reported on Sport for Business).
The top five most important factors for girls aged 12-18 years to participate in sport are: a Shared Experience with Friends (66%), a Fun Training Environment (59%), Quality Coaching (36%), Representing their School or Community (34%) and Access to Good Facilities (25%).

On a personal level, I recognise that each of these factors have applied to me during my lifelong association with squash. I value the friendships made as a junior and which remain important to me today. I still love playing squash both for fun & competitively! Being President of Irish Squash is a great privilege and I take the responsibility of leading our organisation very seriously. A continued legacy of attracting more females into squash and creating a lifelong love our our sport is very important to me.  

We are investing in the expansion of our organisation. With the recent appointment of Scott Graham in the new CEO role, I am confident that the capacity of Irish Squash to deliver on our Strategic Plan and in particular, grow female participation at all levels will be realised.
Please contact us if you wish to get involved!
Enjoy your Squash!
Rosie Barry
President Irish Squash