Irish Olympic Support for Squash

Irish Squash has been lobbying Pat Hickey, President , Olympic Council of Ireland and key member of the IOC Executive board for the inclusion of squash in the Summer games of 2020, as part of the worldwide campaign to bring our great game into the Olympic family.

Mr. Hickey is one of only 16 members of the board and has general overall responsibility for the administration of the IOC which includes the procedure for acceptance and selection of candidatures for the organisation of the Olympic Games.

Irish Squash president, Ed Dunne, Past President, Tom Cantwell and former board member and Chairperson of the Irish Open, Gina Menzies had a very successful meeting with Pat Hickey the week before the vote in St. Petersburg. Mr. Hickey had positive words of support for squash to be included in the 2020 games and was very positive about squash in general.

As we know Squash has been shortlisted with Baseball & Wrestling for the vote at the final IOC executive board meeting in Buenos Aires in early September.

The lobbying campaign by Irish Squash will continue and see HERE a letter of congratulation from Pat Hickey and an invitation to meet him again before the final meeting in Buenos Aires.