Competitive squash matches are enhanced when refereed properly. The following links contain some resources that will be of benefit to emerging as well as practising referees and we will be happy to hear from you should there be some other service that we can provide for affiliated members or clubs.

REFEREE COURSES – Your Club Needs You!

Irish Squash is organising refereeing courses in each province over April and May. Players who complete the course will have an improved understanding of the rules and be of great use to your club and province. The dates and venues will be decided locally. We are delighted to have the experience of Dorothy Armstrong and Joe Ruddy in delivering the courses in Ulster and Leinster.  Current Irish Squash Refereeing Secretary, Lee Healy will deliver the courses in Munster and Connacht. The dates and venues have been finalised and cost of the course is €20 You can pay on enrolment below.


Course Description: As Club Grade Referees (World Squash Level 1) successful participants will be qualified to referee internal matches in their clubs and league matches between clubs. With added experience Club Grade Referees (Level 1 World Squash) can progress to Tournament Grade Referee (Level 2 W.S.). 


You will need to:

  1. Attend 2, 90-minute course sessions where the rules will be explained and demonstrated. If you miss the first night, don’t worry, you can catch up!
  2. Familiarise yourself with the Rules and Appendices. (See Refereeing Resources Page)
  3. Test your knowledge and understanding of the rules by taking some of the quizzes on where you can self-assess privately.
  4. Demonstrate your ability to use the appropriate marker and referee ‘calls’ in a practical assessment.
  5. Obtain the ‘Pass’ mark in a written assessment (85%). The ‘written’ assessment is on-line and you can attempt it as often as you like.

Interested squash players should sign up here. GO ON, YOU’LL BE GLAD YOU DID!


  • Price: 20,00€
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