Rules of Squash (for players):

In Season 23-24 Irish Squash ran a repeating series of on-line information sessions on understanding the Rules of Squash.

The sessions will be repeated in the new season commencing in September, 2024 and the links will aopear below. (Please complete this form  to express your interest in the sessions listed here):

  1. Rules 1 to 7 on Monday, September 2 at 7:00 p.m. to 7:45 p.m. The link to this live session will be here on the day.
  2. Rules 8, 9 and 10 on Monday, September 16 at 7:00 p.m. to 7:45 p.m. The link to this live session will be here on the day.
  3. Rules 11 to 15 on Monday, September 30 at 7:00 p.m. to 7:45 p.m. The link to this live session will be here on the day.

As preparation or as an alternative you can access a recording of these sessions that we’ve uploaded to YouTube as follows: 

  1. Rules 1 to 7: This is a link to a 36-min YouTube video of Session 1.
  2. Rules 8, 9 and 10 This is a link to the 31-min Youtube video of Session 2.
  3. Rules 11 to 15 This is a link to a 33-min Youtube video of Session 3.

New Irish Squash Policy on playing squash and understanding the rules:

In line with the recently announced World Squash Federation policy, all squash players are now encouraged to achieve the Player Certificate – Introductory Level on the World Squash Officiating platform as a means to improving the general level of understanding of the rules. Representative players from U17 upwards should achieve the Player Certificate – Tournament Level. Both can be accessed via the WSO website. The Player Certificate – Tournament Level will be the equivalent of the Referee Level 1 qualification. These recommendations become mandatory for competition players from January 1, 2024 and all representative players will need to be compliant.

Qualified referees to convert to new system:

In agreement with W.S.O. Irish Squash is inviting all referees to visit the WSO Refereeing platform where they can up-date their qualifications in line with the new system as described below. Our list of qualified referees (bottom of page) now reflects this change. Remember that Irish Squash will cover the cost of doing the Level 1 (Club Grade) qualiication by issuing the necessary voucher on application to 

World Squash Officiating refereeing platform:

The refereeing arm of World Squash, has designed a very attractive and useful website to provide online referee education, training and certification. You will be able to move through the stages of your squash refereeing journey – from the introductory Level 0, to Level 1 (equivalent to previous Irish Squash Club Grade), on to Level 2 (Tournament Grade) then Level 3 (National) and even higher if you have the appetite for it!  (Access the WSO Refereeing Platform here)

The higher levels (from Level 2 onwards) will still require appraisals by WSO assessors and Irish Squash is working with WSO in that regard. The present requirement to have two successful assessments for Level 2 and upwards will continue. We are delighted to again have the experience of  Joe Ruddy and Brian Williams to help with mentoring emerging referees with help from current Irish Squash Refereeing Secretary, Lee Healy. 

All currently qualified referees are invited to sign up to the WSO website, check out what’s on offer, especially the ‘Learning’ path and complete the qualifications as far as you can get!

Irish Squash will cover the fee for all members who pass the Level 1 assessment.  Simply contact the refereeing secretary ( for a voucher before you proceed to pay for the qualification (on the website you have to ‘Pass’ before you pay). 

Good refereeing adds to the enjoyment of competitive squash. The resources below will help in that regard.

Current Referees: 

The table below is the most up-to-date list of qualified and active referees so if you believe you should be included and are not, or if you believe your qualification to be inaccurate please contact the Refereeing Secretary (email above) supplying the relevant W.S.O. certificate.

First NameSurnameGradeProvinceClub
FergusByrneWSO 2 (Pending)LeinsterLeinster C.C.
GerardCassidyWSO 2 (Pending)LeinsterA.L.S.A.A.
RoryChristieWSO 2 (Pending)ConnachtBallina Stephenites
PatrickCoadyWSO 1LeinsterPhoenix Fitness
GerryConnaughtonWSO 1MunsterThurles
PaulConroyWSO 2 (Pending)LeinsterLeinster C.C.
DominickEganWSO 1ConnachtGalway L.T.C.
ThomasFitz-GoughWSO 1MunsterLimerick L.T.C.
AndrewFynnWSO 2 (pending)MunsterHighfield
AndrewGillespieWSO 1LeinsterMount Pleasant
DanielGoldringWSO 1UlsterBallynafeigh
LeeHealyWSO 3 (Pending)MunsterHighfield
ChristopherJordan-EngelWSO 2 (pending)MunsterHighfield
DonalKelly WSO 1LeinsterMount Pleasant 
JerryLaneWSO 2 (Pending)MunsterGleneagle
AndrewLoughranWSO 1MunsterEnnis C.B.S.
EddieMcCullagh WSO 1MunsterHighfield 
MarkMcGuganWSO 2 (Pending)UlsterBallynafeigh
CliveMorganWSO 3 (Pending)MunsterEnnis C.B.S.
LukeMurphyWSO 1ConnachtGalway L.T.C.
LisaMurrayWSO 2 (Pending)ConnachtGalway L.T.C.
AlecMylesWSO 1MunsterHighfield
IvanO'MahonyWSO 1UlsterBallyshannon
ConorO'NeillWSO 2 (Pending)MunsterCeltic
TelmoRodriguesWSO 1MunsterHighfield
JoeRuddyWSO 3LeinsterMount Pleasant
NoelStoreyWSO 2 (Pending)LeinsterA.L.S.A.A.
JamieTorpey WSO 2 (Pending)MunsterHighfield
BenWatsonWSO 1UlsterBelfast Boat Club
BrianWilliamsEuropeanLeinsterOld Belvedere
StephenMcCulloughWSO 1UlsterBangor
John JoeDalyWSO 2 (Pending)Leinster & UlsterA.L.S.A.A. & Banbridge
DmitryGilevskiyWSO 2 (Pending)LeinsterWestwood
BrianButlerWSO 1LeinsterA.L.S.A.A.
NicholasWoodWSO 2LeinsterOld Belvedere
JimO'CallaghanWSO 1MunsterHighfield
RobertGarvinWSO 1 (PC T Grade)OverseasBarnt Green (U.S.)
JosieGroganWSO 1 (PC T Grade) LeinsterA.L.S.A.A.
ConalJacksonWSO 1 (PC T Grade)LeinsterSutton
AaronMacQuarrieWSO 1UlsterBangor
AidanColemanWSO 1ConnachtGalway L.T.C.
CuanMacAogainWSO 1LeinsterCurragh
RoseHynesWSO 1MunsterLimerick L.T.C.
JackCleryWSO 1ConnachtGalway L.T.C.
LeeMcCahonWSO 1UlsterBallyearl
MicheleJacksonWSO 1UlsterBelfast Boat Club
NeilCopelandWSO 2 (Pending)UlsterLisburn
AaronKnoxWSO 1 (PC T Grade)MunsterCeltic
ChristianDromgooleWSO 1 (PC T Grade)LeinsterSutton
JackO'FlynnWSO 1 (PC T Grade)LeinsterFitzwilliam
JamesLawlerWSO 1 (PC T Grade)LeinsterOld Belvedere
SarahKeenanWSO 1 (PC T Grade)UlsterBangor
ShaneRyanWSO 1 (PC T Grade)LeinsterMount Pleasant