An end to solo squash!?!

On September 20th, normal squash may resume in our clubs, including both training and competitive play.

Under the new guidelines, where players provide proof of immunity to Covid infection (using DIgital Covid Certificate), there is no restriction on the number of players that may participate in training or competition (with a capacity limit of 100 people/venue).

To exercise this option, the Covid Officer must have a system in place to verify that all players provide proof of immunity each time they play (it is not permissible to keep a copy of anyone’s Digital Covid Cert on a (database/electronically stored).

Irish Squash recommend that this option is used for any large tournament that may be scheduled between Sept 20th and October 21st.

In our clubs, it is envisaged that a couple of options should be considered based on what is feasible for the club to manage:

  1. a) Pod system only

For typical club-based activity for members, Irish Squash recommend where clubs do not have the manpower to oversee regular proof of immunity by players, that the use of pod systems is introduced for individuals with mixed immunity status (combination of immune and non-immune). Pods of up to 6 participants is permitted (excluding adult coaches/instructors).

This system will allow a coach to run a training session for 6 players using 2 courts at the same time.

Where a coach can maintain social distancing, he/she may instruct/supervise more than one pod, where a club has sufficient court numbers to allow more than one pod of 6 to play/train at the same time.  Social distancing between pods must be maintained with no crossover of players within pods during the same session and physical distancing to be maintained off court.

Similarly, a round robin can be run during a club night and multiple pods may operate at the same time in the club, where there are more than 2 courts available for use.

Competitions may be run using the same pod system whereby a draw is limited to 6 people (this includes juniors under the age of 12 years).

  1. b) Combined system of Pods & unrestricted play

Clubs may also choose to operate a system whereby players whose immunity is confirmed may play any other player who also has proof of immunity. It is the responsibility of the Covid Officer to ensue that proof of immunity is established. Such players are not restricted to pods of 6, but they can also participate in a pod.

In these clubs, it is recommended that the option of mixed pods is also provided so that all players may return to play.

Showers/Changing Rooms may re-open. We recommend that use is restricted to players only and time is kept to 15 minutes duration.

Social distancing should be maintained and masks worn (except when in the shower!).

Hand sanitiser should be available and very effort made to ensure good ventilation in the changing rooms.

Deep cleaning on a regular basis should also be ensured.

Coaching Courses:

These may resume and where a practical element is involved, the use of pods of 6 should be observed.  Off court, appropriate protective measures and Covid protocols should be in place.

Use of Masks:

The use of masks in indoor settings for those not participating in activity continues to be recommended.

For coaches, masks may be removed for the purposes of on court demonstrations and active participation in training schedule.


All individuals should continue to observe good respiratory and hand hygiene and maintain social distancing within indoor settings (when not actively participating in squash activity).

Anyone who has symptoms suggestive of Covid infection should stay at home and follow standard medical advice, including being asymptomatic for 48 hours before returning to sporting activity.

Planned removal of restrictions from October 22 will include:

  • Formal requirements/mandates for physical distancing
  • Formal requirements/mandates for mask wearing outdoors
  • Restrictions on indoor sports activities and other indoor leisure/community activities
  • Certification of immunity or testing as a prerequisite for access to, or engagement in, any activities or events (with exception of international travel)