Irish Squash welcomes Sport NI funding boost

Irish Squash welcomed a significant investment in the sport from Sport NI under the ‘Sports Systems Investment – New Governing Bodies’ scheme. The funding is targeted at helping governing bodies grow their sport and is a welcome boost for squash, which has not received Sport NI funding in recent years.

The financial assistance will allow Irish Squash, in partnership with the provincial branch Ulster Squash, to deliver a range of participation-focused programs and provide support to new and existing clubs to grow in an inclusive and sustainable manner. To grow the game into the future, there will be a particular emphasis on establishing and expanding club junior sections and programs.

Another key element of the strategy is to increase the number of qualified coaches and raise coaching standards within Northern Ireland, driven forward by Irish Squash’s Head of Coach Education alongside the committed volunteers of Ulster Squash.

Sport NI’s Sports System Investment program is made possible thanks to National Lottery players who raise more than £30m for good causes each week.

Irish Squash CEO, Scott Graham, commented:

I am delighted that we have strengthened our relationship with Sport NI, which recognises squash as a great platform to change people’s lives for the better. The Sport NI investment will have a hugely positive impact, allowing us to do more to grow and develop squash in communities across Northern Ireland. The assistance of Ulster Squash has been instrumental in securing the funding and will be vital in the ongoing delivery of programs, ultimately contributing to the achievement of our strategic goals.