Webinar: How to develop local club facilities

Irish Squash is inviting club officials to an online information session on how to develop  local club facilities. 

The session will be facilitated by 2into3, an agency specialising in supporting sports  organisations and not-for-profits with services including grant applications and  fundraising. 2into3 has helped clubs secure millions of euros/pounds in funding since  2014 and has a 94% success rate with applications under the Sports Capital Grant  scheme. 

Data gathered from recent club surveys identify that a large number of affiliated clubs are  seeking to upgrade their facilities or add new courts. Irish Squash is committed to  supporting this ambition in order to increase capacity within clubs, improve the playing  experience, and ultimately grow the game of squash further. 

With the recent announcement of the Community Recognition Fund and other local  funding streams, the webinar is an opportunity for club officials to learn more about the  funding opportunities which exist locally and how to go about making a successful  application. 

Webinar: How to develop local club facilities 

Date/Time: 7pm to 8pm on Monday, April 15th 

Format: Online/Zoom Webinar 

Register: Affiliated clubs can register here by Friday, April 12th – or by scanning the QR code in the poster below


– Irish Squash & 2into3 Introduction 

– How to develop club facilities 

– Local Funding Opportunities 

– Q&A