World Squash Day Winner

The winner of the competition for the best entry in the opinion of the judges is CELTIC SC, WATERFORD. Congratulation to the club and they win the prize

Three Unsquashable FUNdation rackets – Length 21″
Three Unsquashable Improver rackets – Length 24″
Three Unsquashable PRO rackets – Length 27″

Ten Dunlop I-ARMOR Junior Goggles

Twenty four double-dot Dunlop Squash Balls


Celtic SC – World Squash Day

The number one priority this season was to build on the success of our junior academy by adding some new members and engaging with parents to ensure that all of our previous members returned to squash post pandemic.  The club has invested some time and money into promoting our club and the Junior Academy and we are so proud that we have a full Junior Academy for the new season ahead with lots of new members.  The kids were very excited when we told them about our plans for World Squash Day and they all wanted to get involved.

The theme of the day was bringing the FUN factor into the game of squash and we very much wanted our Junior members to be a major part of the day.  We decided to run a charity blitz this year where we chose a local charity to donate all proceeds from the day to them.  The charity partner we chose was ‘Helping Hand Waterford’ who are an amazing local charity who help the homeless in Waterford.  The blitz was split into 2 sections – we started off the day with a fun blitz for our youngest juniors who range in age from 4 to 12 years old.  The challenge for the coaches was to keep these young kids who are very new to squash engaged on court while giving them some playing time in the form of matches, drills, three quarter court, and fun games relevant to their age.  We had our coaches assist by staying on court and directing them in play to ensure everybody was safe, having fun, and nobody was left out.

The groups were sorted by age and ability and each child was kitted out in a World Squash Day t-shirt which was donated by the club.  Representatives of our chosen charity came along on the day and were delighted to be presented with a cheque by our youngest member Oscar with all his fellow academy members present.  The charity thanked the club for their generosity and told the kids that they should be very proud of themselves for helping those not as fortunate as themselves.  Afterwards we treated our Juniors to some well-deserved treats after their matches. As you can see from the pics we had some very happy faces!! 

The second part of our World Squash Day blitz was for our older Junior Academy members who played in mini box leagues along with our adult members of the club.  These matches were for our more established juniors who got stuck back into it with some great battles and some wounded egos (male and female)!!  There were no treats for them but still lots to smile about.

It’s so good to have Squash back and we brought the fun factor with the help of our young members.

In total, we had 53 entries to the blitz – 30 Juniors and 23 Adults.  We were thrilled with these numbers and it gave an opportunity for people to mix and play with people that they have never met before.  Onwards and upwards for Celtic Squash Club.