Referees – 'The Call' – Educate Players & Refs alike

The Call: Official PSA Resource for Referee & Player Development

The PSA, with the full support and co-operation of the WSF, has
developed a website (“The Call”) that offers a number of video-clips
from squash matches with the intention of educating both referees and
players alike to understand the latest thinking about the Rules of
Squash and their application.

The primary aim of this website is to enable referees and players to
view video clips that illustrate the two-fold obligation of all players
(a) to clear the ball after hitting a return, and (b) to make every
effort to play the ball. Reducing the number of stoppages in a match
because of lets will increase the flow of play and make the game more
enjoyable to watch.
PSA’s “Mission Statement” is as follows:

“It is the goal and responsibility of every player and referee to make each game we participate in, flow to
the best of our ability, helping to improve the image and watchability of our uniquely exciting, dynamic and
demanding sport”

The examples of the interpretation of the rules shown on The Call aim to help achieve the goals as
described in the above statement. Another aim for the channel is to help to create discussion points while
developing a consistent interpretation and application of the rules around the world.
The great news is that the channel is accessible to anyone who wants to view it in order to see how the
game is being interpreted at the PSA level. The overriding goal is of course to improve the flow of the game
at all levels.
On the home page you will see the most recent activities, under “Headlines” you will see popular collections
and videos: you can click these to go directly to the relevant video clips. Alternatively, you can click on
“Collections”, which will take you to each rule and provide a description of the rule, or click “Explore” which
will take you to all of the videos which are appropriately tagged.
Video clips can be viewed in two viewers: HTML5 or the Silverlight app. The latter allows you to see
associated keywords and videos. You can change the viewer in the top right corner of the Video or Explore
The CALL is an ongoing project and videos will be continually added, changed and adapted as determined
by consensus.
You can view the channel by clicking The CALL

To view the rules online click World Squash Singles Rules 2014

While this website was initially developed for the PSA World Tour, its
message is valuable and valid for all levels of play. We hope,
therefore, that all referees and players will log on and view the
material, so that the interpretations that are presented there will have
a beneficial impact on squash everywhere.