Junior Online European Championships

Introducing the First Ever Junior Online European Championships, which will take place from the 16th – 18th of April. So far there are 8 nations participating, so it’s sure to be a competitive (but fun) weekend!  The processes, information and requirements are outlined below. Entry is FREE!
Infomation for Participants
Send a mail to info@irishsquash.com to register by 1pm on Thursday 15th April 2021
All you need is your racket, a small weight and some water
A Points Based System  will be used during the tournament
The points based system works as follows:  1 point per session attended.  Bonus point if all 4 sessions attended.  It is ok if participants do not attend all 4 sessions however there will be penalty deductions for example:
1 Class attended:      1 point awarded but 3 points deducted = Score -2
2 Classes attended:  2 points awarded but 2 points deducted = Score 0
3 Classes attended:  3 points awarded but 1 point deducted = Score 2
4 Classes attended:  4 points awarded plus 1 bonus point = Score 5
There will also be opportunities for bonus points during the sessions! 
At the end of the tournament, points will be tallied for each nation and divided by the number of nation participants to give a nation average.  The nation with the highest average will be crowned the winner! 
Videos May be On or Off during each of the sessions.
Full name used at registration must be displayed on Zoom for all sessions attended. This will help to make sure you are awarded the correct points!
See posters attached, please use these on your social media or email to your club members
All feedback before, during or after the tournament is welcome so please feel free to direct this via your association.
See the Event Website for information and a bit of background. https://squashfitness.co.uk/squashopen2020-usflyer_new/

Good luck and we hope you all enjoy the tournament!!