Senior Events Guidelines


All players must provide proof of immunity to Covid-19 infection in order to enter the competition – online entry form to include statement that this criterion is met by the player and that their Digital Covid Cert (DCC) will be shown to the Tournament Director (TD) on arrival at the venue. TD to keep spreadsheet updated of DCC viewed & approved for all entrants

In addition, any players travelling from abroad (Europe only) must:

  • Provide proof of negative PCR swab to TD taken within 72 hours of tournament start date
  • Undergo Antigen testing each day of the tournament – negative result required to permit access to venue (test kit provided on arrival at venue, test self-administered
  • Provide proof of negative PCR swab test taken within 48-72 hours after tournament is completed to TD


Irish Squash reserve the right to introduce antigen testing on all competitors and officials on each day of a tournament – advance notice will be provided and testing kits also for each person 

  • In addition to players, anyone attending the venue as either a tournament official or spectator, must provide proof of immunity (DCC) to designated Covid officer
  • Covid officer to maintain record of all individuals who enter the venue for contact tracing purposes
  • Anyone who is unwell with symptoms suggestive of Covid infection must not enter the tournament venue and should restrict movements as per public health advice
  • Masks must be worn by everyone at all times inside the venue, unless playing a match or showering
  • Numbers of people onsite at the same time should be minimized as far as possible
  • Players should arrive in their gear ready to go on court and should limit their time in changing room (15 mins)/shower (5 mins) after the match
  • Players should vacate court area as soon as match is over
  • 15 minute interval before court is used for next match (permit air turnover on court)
  • Spectators should remain in the same viewing position for the whole match and should not mingle freely indoors with other spectators during/after the match
  • Where feasible, separate entry and exit points should be established to manage flow of people through the club
  • Hand sanitizer must be provided throughout the venue
  • Signage to remind people of good respiratory & hand hygiene
  • Ventilation of the venue should be optimized
  • Deep cleaning of venue must be provided at the host venue 


Rosie Barry