Help the World Squash Olympic Bid!

World Squash’s bid to secure a place in the Olympic Games is making strong progress. We have completed our brochure, an exhaustive questionnaire, are producing a video, networking with IOC Members, attending conventions and other meetings and preparing for the IOC event inspection later this year.

There are also two key events coming up, our presentations to the IOC Programme Commission and Executive Board. At each, our representatives make the case for squash and answer questions; we will show the video too.

I am giving you this background as we are going to make a second film for the presentations (and used generally at events, on YouTube etc) and I would be really grateful for your help.

It will be a feature film that will visually show that we are a genuinely worldwide sport. We say that squash is played in 185 countries and want to emphasise this in a short film.

We plan to do this by arranging for people, from all over the world, to film themselves and send it to us so that we can make a fast-moving compilation. Deliberately not slickly professional, more YouTube.

In outline, we start with a message saying that squash is played everywhere, with a stream of people simply saying the name of their country. That’s all, just the name. 

Hopefully you can arrange for some videos from your country. They should be filmed on a smartphone or video camera holding a squash racket. Any or all of the following options would be ideal:

  • One player (young or old) saying your country name
  • A whole group of players (adult or children) saying your country name
  • There could be a single person or more in the background.  

It could be filmed:

  • In a squash environment 
  • In front of an iconic location in your country 
  • In a town, in the country, mountain or desert (basically a feature of your country)

Please try one or more of these examples, or anything else from your country you think would work. It is up to the individuals how they set their films up, the background can be as they wish, we just need to have a racket (held across the chest) and the announcement of the name of the country.  Do use the local name of your country in your own language.  Once the people have said the country name please ask them to continue to look down the lens of the camera and smile for a few seconds as they would for a still photograph. That’s all!

These few seconds of film should be uploaded to the FTP site below – it’s really easy.  This is the link and instructions:

Click on:

username: squash    password: olympics and Click:  Choose Film.

This will allow you to select your video file from your computer.  Once selected, Click:  Begin Upload

That’s it. Easy!

As we need to prepare the film soon, we need them by 28 September please.

Thanks in advance for your help. You will be playing an important part in the bid – and feature in it!


Andrew Shelley

Chief Executive