Covid Update – September 19th

Irish Government document, Resilience and Recovery 2020-2021, Plan for living with COVID-19

The Irish Squash COVID-19 working group met today to consider our existing guidelines in the context of the new 5 level framework.
Whilst further guidance is awaited, we propose the following activities:
Level 3
Solo squash
Socially distanced structured routines – restricted to the minimum number of training partners possible
Household members may play/train with each other without social distancing
Coaches may instruct 2 players per court, using socially distanced routines, no mixing of players between courts, no congregation of players outside courts
Level 2
As above plus squash pods (up to 6 members) allowing normal matchplay
Coaches may run sessions with up to 3 players per court, mixing of players between courts permitted
Please contact us with any queries/comments on
We will provide further updates as soon as possible.
Irish Squash COVID Working Group