Belgian Junior Open

Belgian Junior Open

A really strong showing by the Irish at the Belgian Junior Open in Herentals

The first day was very successful with the Irish winning 12 out of 13 matches.
(The one loss was due to injury!)
A total of 6 Irish players were involved in semi- finals, unfortunately there were no winners but
we finished with four bronze medals.

There is no doubt that our Irish junior players are capable of competing and winning at the highest levels.
Notable mention goes to young Denis Gilevskiy, at 9 years, wining his first 2 matches in U13 to announce to all that there will be another major force in Irish Junior Squash in the near future. Sad for Cillian Dunne who surcumed to a hamstring injury in his first match.

Final results:

David Ryan 3rd
Nikita Gilevskiy 3rd
Griffin Gillanders 3rd
Stephanie Ryan 4th
Luke Logan 4rd
Scott Gillanders 5th
Conor Moran 3rd
Sam Buckley 4th