Operations Manager Position

Irish Squash | Operations Manager

Irish Squash is the National Governing Body for Squash in Ireland. We proactively develop and promote squash throughout Ireland. We offer a comprehensive range of support and services at International, National, Regional and local levels including:

  • Development and coaching for juniors and new players of all abilities
  • Support, coaching and mentoring for professional squash players
  • Development and coaching for juniors and new players of all abilities
  • Coach Education Programmes
  • International, National and Regional competitions for all ages and abilities
  • Advice on Technical and Maintenance service for courts
  • Structured Development Programmes for schools
  • Promotion and marketing of Squash in Ireland

We are in the process of recruiting a full time Office Manager to work in Dublin with Irish Squash. Details and pre-requisites attached to the role are outlined below. Interested and suitably qualified candidates should send their CVs to jobs@irishsquash.com  outlining their interest in the position and their relevant experience.

Pre-Requisites for the role

The candidate will ideally be able to demonstrate skills and show experience in the following areas:

  • Proficient use of Microsoft Office, Twitter, Facebook, WordPress (or similar) and YouTube
  • Demonstrable Marketing and PR experience
  • Proven ability to raise money through sponsorship
  • A keen interest in sport and a working knowledge of Squash
  • A third level degree or equivalent.


Applicants should submit their CV to jobs@irishsquash.com by close of business Friday 26th July 2013. No applications received after that date will be considered.


Job Description

You shall, at all times during the course of your employment with Irish Squash, manage, co-ordinate, run and operate the day to day facilities of Irish Squash and, in connection with your role, shall have and carry out the following roles and responsibilities:-

Public Relations:

  • Act as the key initial point of contact for Irish Squash and serve as its spokesperson in conjunction with the President or another designated Board Member
  • Develop initiatives for the promotion and development of Irish Squash
  • Endeavour to develop a relationship with the media, both local and national in order to further the awareness of Irish Squash
  • Maintain and update the Irish Squash Website and database
  • Represent Irish Squash at various conferences, seminars, workshops, meetings  as may be required from time to time
  • Endeavour to initiate at least one fundraising activity per year of employment and to endeavour to obtain sponsors for the Irish Squash organized tournaments annually. These activities will be reported upon twice yearly at the board meetings

Strategy & Planning:

·         Assist the Board in designing and implementing an annual strategic plan for the promotion and development of Irish Squash


  • Manage the Irish Squash office and day to day administration on a full-time basis
  • Ensure that the Irish Squash office is manned during the relevant opening hours in the working week in accordance with the hours advertised to the public on the Irish Squash website
  • Ensure all legal, regulatory and tax requirements are complied with including filings and returns.
  • Monitor compliance with laws and regulations (including missives from the Irish Sports Council)
  • Retain records and notes on all matters relating to the day to day running of Irish Squash


  • Assist Board Members and Provincial Representatives in the ‘timely’ preparation of the Irish Squash tournaments calendar
  • Oversee the timely and structured organisation of Irish Squash teams playing in international events including but not limited to:
  • Entering teams into tournaments
  • Booking flights for teams
  • Booking accommodation for teams
  • Managing the team gear required for tournaments including Irish flags, pennants, national anthem music
  • Preparing appropriate first aid kits for teams and organising vaccinations where required
  • Delegate and liaise with relevant bodies and persons in the organisation/preparation of tournaments run by Irish Squash including but not limited to:
  •     Irish Senior Nationals
  •     Irish Junior Nationals
  •     Irish Junior Open
  •     Senior Grand Prix Tournaments
  • Research and report to the Board on any international events which could be held under the auspices of Irish Squash and report at Board Meetings on the suitability of Irish Squash hosting these events. Liaise with any relevant bodies and organisations as necessary to seek information and arrange events.

Board Assistance:

  • Attend at Board Meeting and prepare reports to the Board and the Irish Squash Council as and when required
  • Assist the Secretary in the drafting and circulation of Board Meeting minutes
  • Co-ordinate Board Meetings and Sub-Committee meetings
  • Advise board on any matters that require consideration and action


  • Prepare all relevant grant applications including liaising with the treasurer of Irish Sport
  • Prepare annual grant application for submission to the Irish Sports Council
  • Prepare reports to the Irish Sports Council as may be required
  • Assist the Board in setting, allocating and tracking budgets throughout the year including reporting to the Board on any budgetary issues that arise
  • Responsible for invoicing all affiliated clubs and members and reporting to report on collection of payments
  • Ensure all cheques issued on behalf of Irish Squash are signed in accordance with the Irish Squash finance and banking rules
  • Report to board on a monthly basis on income and expenditure of Irish Squash for the previous month and advise on any cash flow difficulties that are anticipated

You agree that the title of the job which the Office Manager is employed to do is specified above but Irish Squash reserves the right, as a condition of employment, to require you to carry out other duties associated with your function that are within your capabilities at such place of work as the organization from time to time reasonably require and specify and you specifically confirm, acknowledge and agree to the reservation of this right by Irish Squash and that the duties that might follow from the exercise of that right shall fall within the terms of your employment with Irish Squash.