Women's Team beat New Zealand.. battle with India

The Irish Women’s team battled tough competition to get through the final 16 of the Women’s World Team Squash championships.

Ireland came second in their group  matches and are through to the top 16 draw.

Congratulations to Aisling Blake, Madeline Perry,  Laura Mylotte and Breanne Flynn (pictured here).

Ireland are playing France  at  1.30 today (wed) on the main glass back court in the Parnasse centre,  The matches can be followed live from the tournament website

Friday Update

Ireland played England – the No. 1 seed on Thursday 15th November on the centre court  in the Parnasse centre.

First on was Madeline Perry against Laura Massaro.  Madeline started well, taking control qnd winning the first game 11/7. Laura came out in the second finding the corners and winning it 11/2.  The third and fourth games were closer but Laura’s strength prevailed and she won them 11/8 and 11/9

Next up was Aisling Blake against Alison Waters. Alison’s strength prevailed and she beat Aisling 11/7, 11/3 and 11/3.

England had won the tie 2-0.  The number 3 stings went on to play the best of 3 games.  The players were Breanne Flynn against the English No: 3 Jenny Duncalf.  It was Breanne’s first cap at senior level.  Breanne played well but Jenny”s experience and ability won her the game 11/3 and 11/2:

On Friday, Ireland are playing New Zealand  at 17.00 on court 1 in the Parnasse Centre.

Saturday Update

Day 5 at Womens world Team Championships in Nimes.

Ireland played New Zealand in their first match in the playoffs for 5th to 8th place.  It was always going to be a difficult match.

First on were the No. 1’s, Madeline Perry and Joelle King.  Joelle won the first game quickly 11/3, however in the second game Madeline increased her determination and the pace of the game and won it 11/7.  Joelle fought back to win the third game11/7.  The fourth game was very close with Madeline winning 14/12. Madeline continued playing well and went on to win the fifth game 11/3.  Madeline won 3/2.

Laura Mylotte went on next to play Amanda Landers Murphy.  Laura played well and putting the ball in the corners she won the first game 11/8. The second game was close with Amanda winning 12/10. Despite Laura’s best efforts Amanda went on to win the next two games 11/8 and 12/10.  Amanda won 3/1

Aisling Blake went on to play Jaclyn Hawkes in the deciding match.  Aisling won the first two games 11/5 and 11/9.  Jaclyn fought back and won the next two 11/4 and 11/8.  However Aisling dug deep, chased every ball and managed to win the final game 11/7. Aisling won 3/2 which meant that Ireland beat NewZealand 2/1 and are due to play India at 13.30 on Saturday in the play off for 5/6th place.

Ireland already met India in the pool matches, India won that match but hopefully that will be reversed today.