Funded Coach Development Programme

Would you like to become a better squash coach? Are you interested in helping grow our sport in Ireland and increasing the number and quality of play by juniors throughout the country?

cAs part of our committment to growing Squash in Ireland Irish Squash along with Irish National Coach – Hadrian Stiff would like to invite all interested coaches to apply for a coach development and mentoring programme sponsored by Irish Squash. This programme will take place throughout Ireland and we are seeking between 8 and 16 suitable coaches. This is an exciting new venture for Irish Squash – but it will be a tough (but rewarding) programme for coaches and will involve continuous assessment and review of all coaches involved.

This is a fully funded programme and is valued at €8,000/candidate.


  • Coaches will be required to attend at least 6 weekend sessions during a one year period and will gain the opportunity of working with and gaining mentored support directly from Hadrian.
  • Candidates may be required to travel with teams abroad or to take part in sessions outside of  Ireland (at national or international events).
  • There will be continuous assessment of coach progress throughout the programme
  • Successful candidates will be required to complete the new Club Development Coaches course (equivalent to a UK CC Level 3 qualification) during this two year period.
  • Candidate coaches will be expected to take responsibility for named players and to have a specific number of sessions with those players working on instructions from National Coach (but will be paid separately for these programmes).
  • The programme is a two year (part-time) committment and candidates will be required to sign an agreement committing to this time frame.

All expenses attached with this programme will be covered by Irish Squash.

Selection Criteria

Candidate coaches will be selected by the National Coach in conjunction with the coaching committee. The following will be considered:

  • Existing coaching experience and qualifications (in squash and related disciplines).
  • Flexibility and availability – coaches must be flexible to travel and participate at all weekends
  • Enthusiasm for Squash.


Applicants should send an e-mail to outlining their interest in the programme and explaining their existing qualifications and experience in coaching (in squash and elsewhere). They should confirm their availability and commitment to the programme over a two year period.