Tournament Information

Irish Squash Grand Prix Senior Guidelines

A full breakdown Irish Squash Senior Tournament Information Policy can be viewed here: Tournament Information Policy


PARS (Point A Rally) is NOW the approved scoring system for tournaments

Referee Score Sheet can be downloaded HERE

Hosting Arrangements

Event  Season 22/23    Season 23/24    Season 24/25 Season 25/26 Season 26/27
Junior Interpros  Ulster  Munster  Connacht Leinster Ulster
Senior Interpros  Leinster  Ulster  Munster Connacht Leinster
Masters’ Interpros  Connacht  Leinster  Ulster Munster Connacht
Junior Nationals  Leinster  Ulster  Connacht Munster Leinster
Irish Junior Open  Leinster Leinster Leinster Leinster Leinster
Senior Nationals  Leinster  Leinster  Leinster Leinster Leinster
All-Irelands Schools  Munster  Ulster  Leinster Connacht Munster