Tournament Information

Irish Squash Grand Prix Senior Guidelines


PARS (Point A Rally) is NOW the approved scoring system for tournaments

Behaviour at Tournaments and Tournament Rules can be viewed HERE.

Referee Score Sheet can be downloaded HERE

Entry Fee

  • This MUST be €30 – per person.  Any extra charges e.g event tee shirts, meals, etc. must be stated on entry form. In 2017/18 a €5 fee has been added to the entry fee for a ‘Junior Development Fund’

Draw Size

ALL MEN’S A & B events will be a 16 draw and must be played in a SWISS format.

WOMEN’S events can be a 16/8 draw with the exception of the Women’s Nationals which will be a 16 draw and must be played in a SWISS format

Prize Money

Prize monies must be paid to the top 4 place players in each GP event.

The table below is the minimum required prize monies to be paid in both men’s and women’s events no matter what size of draws.

All tournaments will receive Irish Squash funding towards prize monies.

€500 if both Men’s & Women’s draws take place.

€250 if only one draw (men or women) takes place.

*Women’s/Men’s prize money will only be awarded on the condition that 5 of the top 15 players enter the tournament, rankings will be taken from the most up-to-date ranking list.

Placings 1st 2nd 3rd 4th Total














Irish Senior National Team Selection

ALL players looking to gain selection to any of the national teams must play in the grand prix events. Please look at the high performance section of the Irish Squash web for further details of selection.

Closing Date

Closing date for all tournaments will be MIDDAY on the FRIDAY before the tournament starts.


All tournaments must have a Defibrillator on site during the tournament.


Seeding’s and Draw

  • Seeding will be taken from the most up-to-date Irish Squash ranking list.
  • If a tournament is a PSA ranking tournament, the PSA rule re seeding comes into force. Therefore players are seeded as per their PSA ranking first. Non PSA players are then seeded after the PSA players as per their current Irish ranking. This is a PSA rule.
  • NATIONALS – Players who finish 1&2 in the previous years Nationals will automatically be seeded 1&2 for the following years Nationals.
  • After the second round of matches the Men’s A section 13/16 seeds and B section 1-4 seeds will play off for the 13 to 20 positions. Third round draw will be 13v20 14v19 15v18 16v17. Forth round draw will be 13v16 14v15 17v20 18v19.
  • The draw MUST be sent to the Irish Squash Tournament Director before 12:00Hrs on the Monday after the closing date. It will be checked and returned by Wednesday 12:00Hrs.
  • The draw MUST also be sent to Irish Squash to confirm that all players are members of Irish Squash.
  • The first round times MUST be published and online by 18:00Hrs on the Wednesday.
  • Information on players requesting a late start time on the Friday evening of the tournament due to long travelling distance must be on the application form.
  • All results MUST be sent to the Irish Squash Tournament Director within 24Hrs of the tournament finishing.
  • All WITHDRAWALS MUST be sent to the Irish Squash Tournament Director within 24 Hrs of the tournament finishing.
  • Due to players withdrawing from tournaments after the draw has been made the organisers can do a re-draw up to 12 midnight the Wednesday before the tournament after this the draw will stand

Tournament Withdrawals

  • In the event a player scratches from a tournament after the first round times being published then a TWO (2) tournament ban is imposed on the offending player.
  • A ONE(1) tournament ban and a 0 Ranking Points penalty will be imposed should a player pull out during a tournament
  • Missed match (no show) as above.
  • Either of the above will not be enforced in the event of a medical certificate being submitted.
  • Medical Certificates to be produced within 1 week of the match.
  • Ban is for GP events only.

Hosting Arrangements

Event  Season 17/18    Season 18/19    Season 19/20 Season 20/21 Season 21/22
Junior Interpros  Ulster  Munster  Connacht Leinster Ulster
Senior Interpros  Leinster  Ulster  Munster Connacht Leinster
Masters’ Interpros  Connacht  Leinster  Ulster Munster Connacht
Junior Nationals  Leinster  Ulster  Connacht Munster Leinster
Irish Junior Open  Leinster Leinster Leinster Leinster Leinster
Senior Nationals  Leinster  Leinster  Leinster Leinster Leinster
All-Irelands Schools  Connacht  Ulster  Leinster Munster Connacht