Conditions & Rules for Juniors Attending Events

Applying for Entry:

  • entry forms must be submitted to the organising body by the closing date specified
  • by completing the entry form players are declaring that they have read and understood this Conditions and Rules for Juniors travelling to Matches and Events


Irish Squash Code of Conduct

  • Players participating in Irish Squash activities agree to be bound by the Code of Conduct

Childrens Code of Conduct

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  • make sure you have packed everything: racquet, gear, eye-guards, etc.
  • be at the departure point on time
  • when travelling by car / bus do not distract the driver and always wear a seatbelt


At the Venue:

  • upon arrival check in and find out when and where your first match is on
  • be courteous at all times and carry out the instructions of the organisers without delay
  • over the course of the tournament make sure you always know when your next match is on and that you are ready to play when required
  • do not leave the tournament venue without permission
  • do your fair share of refereeing
  • dispose of your litter properly and keep changing rooms tidy
  • do not distract the players while play is in progress
  • do not distract or attempt to influence the referee


On Court:

  • play fairly following the rules
  • be on time for your matches
  • appeal in the proper manner (do not argue with referee)
  • always shake hands after your match
  • wear eye-guards at all times (including ‘knock-ups’ and ‘three/quarters’)
  • when on court wear your squash shoes
  • do not use abusive / bad language


Drug Testing:

  • the tournament application form must be signed by a parent or guardian and by the player. By signing this form, players / guardians hereby provide their formal consent to accept, if requested at the tournament, drug testing for any prohibited substance
  • Link to Sport Ireland Clean Sport app – HERE



  • good behaviour is expected at all times
  • the consumption of alcohol or other banned substances is not permitted
  • When staying in hotel / B&B accommodation ensure you do not disturb the other guests


 We depend on the goodwill of clubs, voluntary organisers and host families for the successful operation of Junior Squash.  Keeping the above guidelines helps you and your tournaments. 

 Breach of these guidelines is harmful to the future of our junior tournaments will not be tolerated and may result in the application of disciplinary procedures of the host province or Irish Squash.


Players who make late withdrawals and/or who fail to complete competitions:

‘In the event that a player scratches from a tournament after the draw is made then a two tournament ban (in the player’s age category) is imposed on the offending player (relevant to Seniors, Masters and Juniors).

A one tournament ban and 0 points penalty will be imposed should a player pull out during the tournament. Either of the above will not be enforced in the event of a medical cert being submitted promptly’.



A player who enters a competition must play ALL their matches, including those on the last day – otherwise don’t enter the competition!