Euro U19 Championships

Euro U19 Team Championships, Switzerland

Just lost out to Denmark for 11th place, so it is 12th place for Ireland – So,so close to a top 8 position. Margins are so tight at this level!!

Well done to the whole team for a magnificent effort, it has been a long week for the team especially the players who played in the individual championships as well.

IrelandIRL[IRL] – DEN[DEN] Denmark: 1-2

Time: Sun 31/03/2013 10:30
Draw: Team – 9-16
Score: 1-2


Match overview
Order Event IrelandIRL[IRL] DEN[DEN] Denmark Score Points Duration
1 MS1
Michael Craig Ireland[IRL]
Denmark[DEN] Thomas Laursen
10-12 11-5 6-11 9-11 0-1 0:46
2 MS2
Sean Conroy Ireland[IRL]
Denmark[DEN] Christian Steffensen
11-7 11-3 13-11 1-0 0:23
3 WS
Breanne Flynn Ireland[IRL]
Denmark[DEN] Line Falsig Berthou
6-11 7-11 11-4 11-2 10-12 0-1 0:49


Breaking News (Match reports by Henry Gillanders)


Place 11/12

Ireland V Denmark

Craig v Laursen

Trademark backhand cross court volley with nick opener from Michael
From opening exchanges it doesn’t look like Michael will be in trouble in this match although complacency can be dangerous, – 2 tins from Laursen brings the score to 4-1
Great cross court drive to backhand side from the Dane 4-3
A few tins from Michael and the Dane gets to 6-6

This score is slightly flattering the Danish player. He doesn’t seem to have any killer shots, it is  just Michael being a bit careless when trying to go short. 8-8

Another careless half  hit shot 8-9  A stroke gets Michael to game ball 10-9
Tight forehand drive and 2 misses from Michael and game over 10-12

This game is really Michael’s to lose and he is going about it the right way. Needs to find a bit of bite to his play much too casual.

A little bit more bounce in Michael’s movement at the start of this game.
Let ball and Michael puts  serve in tin. 0-1
Smashing volley nick on forehand side gets Michael to 3-1

Finally it looks like Michael is getting the upper hand in this game  8-3
Dane returns serve to tin to give Michael game ball 10-3

Two tight balls on backhand side from Dane  get back to 10-5
Two tins later game to Michael 11-5

Michael slowly returning to his fully alert state. Nine days of squash under his belt fatigue is understandable


Dame looks like a man with no ideas in the first few exchanges
However Michael is making him look good.
Super drive from Laursen to go ahead 3-4
A bad no let decision (should have been a stroke) get the Dane to 4-7

The score should not be 6-10  but it is. Michael making mistake after mistake. A very much below par performance from Michael so far


Michael needs to smell the coffee very soon!!

Laursen is a bread and butter player and bread and butter may be enough get him a win in this match
The Dane goes 1-3 up

A better rally from Michael but finished with another tin – sloppy finishing
Then a return serve hit out and a no pressure tin 2-7

(Paul asks Sean to save us!)

Michael pulls 2 back and the Dane then hits a cross court volley with nick 4-8
Super frantic rally the first in the match, Dane doing court sprints and then a mistake 6-8

7-10 match ball
A no let decision  – the Dane thinks he has a stroke and the match.

Michael earns a stroke after another frantic rally, 9-10 -the Dane is apoplectic at the decision

However a solid cross court drive to the forehand side wins it for Laursen 9-11
Disappointing !
Conroy v Steffensen

This match is tinged with a little sadness as this is Sean’s last match for Ireland as a junior.  Sean has been a great player for Ireland over his junior career and a highly loved and team member.I have no doubt he will go on to represent Ireland as a senior player in the future. He will be missed from the junior ranks! Good luck Sean!!

Steffensen is a tall, bearded U19,  (going on 23 years),  player, hair tied up like a samurai warrior
Sean is dwarfed by this big Dane

As expected the Dane hits hard but doesn’t turn so easily
Sean races to a 4-0 score

Dane works  his way back 4-3. Sean stops his run with a boast that the Dane’s frame can’t get to  5-3

A tasty volley drop off a cross court gets Sean 8-6.

Even at this early stage I sense the Dane is feeling the heat. It takes a lot of energy to move a frame like that around at such pace
Easy cross court drive wins the first for Sean

Paul told  Sean to make his opponent bend more to get to the ball with lower hit shots

Sean obliges and you can see the effort required by the Dane to get out of his low lung.
Sean’s uses this tactic to get to 5-1 Steffensen has a pained facial expression
Seems reluctant now to even go for the low balls. 7-2

Amazingly  Sean scrapes up  3 balls  from front courier,  back corner, front corner, back corner and a then plays a boast that lands tight, the great Dane just stands fully bent over hands on his knees looking towards the door – he doesn’t want this.
Sean finishes  easy 11-3


This game should last 8 mins  11.53

Steffensen has a second wind at the start of this game going 5-2 up with renewed vigour.

A few scrape ups from Sean in an intense rally gets Sean back in at 4-5
The Dane has to fold soon. 5-6

A lovely cross court drop from back catches Steffensen 7-6

A tired drive into the tin gets Sean to 8-7
9-8  Sean really turning the screw match ball 10-9

A tin from Sean prolongs the game  10-10
Sean doesn’t reach a boast from back 10-11
Match ends with Steffensen tripping over Sean on his way to backhand side wall  and landing on deck- strangely no appeal for let – I knew Steffensen wanted to go home.

Sean ends his junior career with a win!

Breanne has the honour of the decider


Flynn V Falsig

Long first rally and Falsig get caught up in herself 1-0.
Breanne gets to 3-1 but a perfect drive get Falsig back in.3-2

Falsig is very determined but keeps her position at least 3 feet behind the T , possibly something for Breanne to capitalise on as her opponent tires.

However the score now stands at 5-7
Super tight and deceptive drive from the Dane 6-8
Falsig finishes with a perfect length glued and dying to the backhand side 6-11

Very long rally ends with a drive cross court that Breanne can’t get her full racquet on 1-1
A nick 1-3
A tin 1-4
Another nick in same area of backhand side wall just at the back service
line 1-5
Two good cross court drives get Breanne back to 3-5
A super rally where Breanne was running her opponent around but ends in an unfortunate stroke against  3-6
Falsig’s strength wins her 3 points 3-9
Breanne hits back with a great drive and 2 errors from the Dane 6-9
Dane drives to get game ball 6-10
Strong volley right at Falsig to which she could adjust her body in time  7-10
A clash and Breanne holds her back with a pained facial expression . Breanne then hits ball into floor from an innocuous cross court  7-11

Looking at the two players in the interval the Dane looks much more fatigued maybe Breanne can take advantage in the 3rd

Breanne starts well,  finishes with a great drive 1-0
But then a tin 1-1
A tin from Falsig 2-1
Another placed drive from Breanne 3-1
Falsig is now looking tired and slower to the ball.
I think Breanne can win this if she just keeps the ball out of the tin
She is really working Falsig hard now 5-2
Perfect cross court in to the forehand side and Falsig just flaps at it 7-2
Easy now for Breanne
Falsig not running for anything at all
Very routine easy drive to finish   11-4


I expect Falsig will come out with renewed purpose but if Breanne can keep the early rallies long and painful, it should be easy in the end.

Falsig is red faced and dripping sweat as she returns Breanne is the picture of calm

Breanne  quickly takes first 3 points  – (I was wrong Falsig doesn’t want to play at all )

6-1 same story Breanne working her like a pro. 7-1
Breanne’s boasts are tearing the heart out of Falsig’s resolve

Easy 11-2

There is only one winner now in my mind barring a catastrophe, Breanne  is still cam and breathing normally,  Falsig appears in serious stress. This is possibly the difference between a player playing both events and a player just the team event


Falsig tries to summon up all her strength in a fast paced  first rally but Breanne takes it 1-0
Two tins from Breanne 1-2
Falsig has found her second wind at last but Breanne equal to anything thrown at her

Oh disaster ….! .Breanne reaches for a high ball to Volley over on the right hand side and loses her balance crashing into the wall and ending up on the floor
Twisted ankle – an injury break to try and work it out

3 minutes and Breanne goes back in to play 2-3

Breanne put serve down but wins next two 4-4

Smashing drive 5-4
Breanne is a little tentative on her feet and needs to finish this from the T

Great drop from Falsig and great drive from Breanne 6-7
Falsig really trying to force breanne to run. 7-7
Breanne moving better probably on an adrenaline painkiller and forces an error from the Dane  8-7
Breanne tins 8-8
Tremendous rally ends in stroke to Falsig 8-9
Another one and Breanne ends up hitting it out of court 8-10
match ball
Stroke to Breanne

Magic stuff from Breanne cross court drive winner 10-10

Class backhand volley drop from the Dane which nicked on backhand side 10-11

Short rally and from the front Breanne’s attempted drive goes skyward.
Match to Denmark!

An heroic performance from Breanne no doubt the fall and ankle injury had its part. Credit to Falsig she was down and out, but really found something in the 5t to put the pressure back on Breanne, (who was equal to it), and consequently the events that led to the injury.  Where is the ice?
So 12th place it is in Zurich


Match overview
Order Event IrelandIRL[IRL] FIN[FIN] Finland Score Points Duration
1 MS2
Oisin Logan Ireland[IRL]
Finland[FIN] Jami Äijänen
6-11 11-7 6-11 11-6 7-11 0-1 0:51
2 MS1
Michael Craig Ireland[IRL]
Finland[FIN] Kristian Rautiainen
13-11 11-3 11-7 1-0 0:33
3 WS
Breanne Flynn Ireland[IRL]
Finland[FIN] Emilia Soini
10-12 4-11 4-11 0-1 0:22

Logan v Aijanen

Places 9-12

A smashing backhand drive from AIjanen shows his intent.
Oisin trying to move his opponent around but the Finn likes to hit at a severe pace which is making it difficult for Oisin to slow it all down and get control 4-4

Oisin slips on the T and seems to have taken a knock but back up again

Plays a searing forehand drive to make it 5-5

Oisin not finding his rhythm yet 6-9
Great deception, sends Oisin the wrong way,to get the Finn to game ball
Easy finish 6-11
Oisin hasn’t found the gears yet.


Much more focus from Oisin, first rally is long and Finn forced into an error 1-0

Oisin having to put in some hard running in this phase of the game – the ball is being cracked by both players Oisin should have a stroke but let given, the Finn then takes the point 2-3

The Finn is now been moved around the court and losing control of the T
Super drive into the forehand side brings Oisin to 9-4
Extended rally and tin
and then and error from Aijanen give Oisin the game

The Finn is receiving a serious talking to by his coach- Oisin visits the bathroom – good sign
Oisin takes the first point
Second point consists of an alley game Oisin finally goes for the Egyptian spectacular and tins it 1-1

Oisin forced to the floor leaving his opponent with a simple tap in, misses
The bang as Oisin hit the deck must have unnerved him! 2-1

At 3-3 Oisin plays the sweetest back hand drop
winner,  but a let given!!
The Finn takes the next 2 points 3-7

Oisin makes a spectacular save while stretched flat out on the floor, unfortunately loses the point 4-6 – no justice !

The finn seems to have his shape back.
Another slip by Oisin (that’s 3 slips in this game)
Oisin played a lot of the 2nd game from the floor
New runners required !


Important that  Oisin takes this game

Aijanen gets to 0-2
Then tins 1-2
Super drive 1-3
Delicate drop forehand 2-3
An unforced tin and double hop 4-3
Oisin now orchestrating play 5-3
Another long rally finished with probably the best drive in any Irish match at this tournament
A terrible call by referee calling Oisin on a double bounce after he won rally.
Paul mutters ^*#^*

He wins the next point 8-5- justice!
Oisin too strong for the Finn in this phase

Great deception from Finn 9-6
A tin from the Finn
Game ball magnificent backhand cross court drive finishes it 11-6

Paul has sent Oisin to the bathroom !!!


Paul predicts this game to last 20mins if the Finn can get his game back.

Start 15.48
Two decisive winers makes it 2-1
Bad miss on the drop
Tin from Finn
Finn now in command forcing a number of errors from Oisin 5-7
Two easy shots into tin from Oisin 5-9
A delicate boast from Finn 5-10
Oisin looks for a plausible let – no let

Craig v Rautiainan


Start is typical of Michael just pushing the ball around looking for weaknesses.

Despite this the score is in the Finns favour 4-6

Michael plays a forehand boast through the eye of a needle and it is a winner 5-6

Another fantastic boast on backhand side gets Michael to 8-7
Long rally ends with a tin from Finn 9-7
A pinpoint drive on back side from Finn and a tin from Michael 9-9
Another accurate drive 9-10
Stroke 10-10
Perfect play by Michael
with a number of gut wrenching boasts softens the Finn up
An inevitable tin – gives Michael the game



Messy start, short rallies but in Michael’s favour 4-1

Pace increases dramatically in this point, 2 let’s slow it down again
No rhythm in this game yet,  average rally about 5 shots

Michael doing all the damage 11-3

This match so far is nothing to write home about !!
But we are getting the points

At 2-1 the rally hots up, Michael even playing the ball around his back to smiles from the audience. He loses the point however 2-2

A super short  boast get michael to 4-3 then a tin from the Finn 5-3

Rautiainen gets it back to parity 5-5
then goes ahead 6-5
Two tins from Finn
At 8-6 Michael is in exhibition mode  which can be dangerous  9-7
The sweetest volley drop on back hand side gives Michael match ball
and a tin from the Finn fin- ishes it.

Over to Breanne next

Flynn v Soini

Breanne must be a good 9 inches taller than Soini, I  hope her reach will be an advantage here

Breanne straight in with a winner  but that looks like as easy as it will get
Soini very determined but Breanne getting the best out of the exchanges at this point
Great cross court drive from Breanne 7-4
Breanne then just misses me with a wayward shot out of court !!

Soini making headway 8-8
Breanne drops 9-8
Soini boasts 9-9
10-11 gives Soini game ball ans she
finishes it 10-12

Soini means business and takes a 1-5 lead.

Breanne seems not to have an answer to Soini’s  power and quality shots
Soini quickly gets to 3-10
Game to Soini 3-11

Paul really needs to work his magic to get Breanne back on track
Breanne  starts well forcing Soini to put the ball out of play but Soini is quickly back  1-3
A drop from Breanne and then a tin from Soini   3-3

Breanne back in  it 4-3
A tin from Breanne and a tight fore hand drop from Soini  4-5
Soini takes control  of the game again
Breanne is in serious trouble now
A tight duel of drops at the front and Soini comes out on top

Prize : a 10.30 start tomorrow and a fight for 11th place against Denmark

Hard going!!!

IrelandIRL[IRL] – BEL[BEL] Belgium: 2-1

Time: Sat 30/03/2013 10:00
Draw: Team – 9-16
Score: 2-1


Match overview
Order Event IrelandIRL[IRL] BEL[BEL] Belgium Score Points Duration
1 MS2
Oisin Logan Ireland[IRL]
Belgium[BEL] Jordy Camps
11-8 11-13 11-5 11-2 1-0 0:39
2 MS1
Sean Conroy Ireland[IRL]
Belgium[BEL] Toon Van Baekel
11-6 11-6 11-8 1-0 0:27
3 WS
Griffin Gillanders Ireland[IRL]
Belgium[BEL] Tinne Gilis
1-11 4-11 0-1 0:13
Points Won Draws Lost Matches Games Points
Ireland 1 1 0 0 2 1 6 3 82 70
Belgium 0 0 0 1 1 2 3 6 70 82

Logan v Camps

Oisin starts well catching Camps with a number of perfectly weighted drop shots Camps is hanging back a little and seems a little disinterested. Oisin playing very patiently and picking Camps off almost at will. Massive rally at 7-6 finished with a tight drive from Oisin 8-6. Camps on floor trying to pick ip a back hand side drop 10-6. Game to Oisin 11-8.

Oisin’s’ patient and measured game is working for now. Camps plays a super drop to the backhand side 1-0 camps seems up for this game after an ear bashing from his coach at the interval. Goes to a 2-5 lead. Oisin works his way back to parity 5-5
Two super drops from Oisin 8-5. Two drops into tin 8-7. A deep ball into back hand corner gives Camps game ball 9-10
Oisin saves 10-10. A tremendous backhand volley cross court with a nick gives Oisin game ball 11-10. Camps saves 11-11
Tin 11-12. A superb back hand drop nick from Camps wins the game 11-13. The ear roasting method of coaching seemed to work.

Oisin really doesn’t need to change much stay patient and tight. Camps is still enthusiastic but Oisin goes 7-2 lead. Camps still trying but Oisin staying in control 9-3. Oisin cruises home 11-5. Probably his easiest game of the tournament.
Short and sweet!
The contrast between the two coaches is stark
Camps getting a good talking to and  cool Oisin visits the bathroom. But calm Paul gets his message across in a couple of words -keep it  tight and varied.


Oisin starts off where he finished  racing to 3-0 lead. A mistake into the tin gets camps back in 1-3. Oisin scrambles a few back to gain the momentum again 6-1, 7-1, 8-1. Camps looks finished, 9-1, 9-2, 10-2. All over 11-2.
Last night Oisin predicted that he could win this match 3-1 when asked by Paul if he thought he could beat Camps!

Over to Sean now.

Conroy v Van Bae

Sean took exception to my remarks regarding his ‘performance ‘against England. For the record he thought he played close to his best!
What do I know!

Sean should win this match, but  again will the exertions of yesterday and the toll of the individual championships have an impact. It seems to me playing both tournaments requires a super level of fitness. This is something that I think needs to be looked at for next year. Playing the two tournaments is like a marathon littered with sprints over a ten day period. A intense fitness regimen is required. We have to win this as both the Belgian girls are at a different level.

Van Bae is a left hander, tall with a long reach. Score rapidly  goes to 5-5, Sean quickly getting into it after poor start.
Fantastic 40 plus shot rally, Sean in control of T and measuring his shots to finish with a short boast at back hand side
6-5, 7-5, Sean puts Van Bae the wrong way with cross court forehand drive, 8-5. Game ball 10-6, Tin from Van Bae off the service.

11-6 – Sean is  playing the right game and seems to be finding his peak. Hopefully he can sustain

Sean twisting and turning Van Bae inside out from the start but not getting the reward due to mistakes on finishing 2-4. Superb straight drive back hand side dead from Van Bae 3-5, Deception 4-5, Tin 5-5, Sean back in the saddle and now getting rewarded volley cross court from middle  of court 8-5. Van Bae does the splits in a failed effort to retrieve the perfect drop. Sean has game ball, Easy finish 11-6!

Words  like stay ‘patient ‘ and ‘work him’ from Paul.


Sean looks very focused, with intent -a good sign. The amount of stretching Van Bea is being put through will surely add a couple of inches to his height by the end if this match. Sean in total command 5-1. A mistake 5-2, Second mistake 5-3, Perfect drive 5-4, Sean needs  to stem this recovery from Van Bae. And he does with a beautiful straight drop from right side 6-4. Back on top  now 8-4, weighted  drop from Van Bae. 8-5, dead cross court drive 8-6. Tin 9-6, momentum shifting every couple of shots. A delicate drop gives Sean match ball 10-6, 10-7, Tin,10-8. Just one more point and we have stemmed  the fall in positions. Yes! he gets it with a class nick at the back of the court  11-8.
Gillanders v Gillis.
Best of 3

This will be a very tough match for Griffin, the Gillis sisters Nele and Tinne  have  been at the top of European squash for the last 4 plus years. No pressure so she hopefully will go out and enjoy the experience and learn from it.

1 st

Griffin not in the game. Some good rallies but Gillis always there to return and griffin making too many errors 11-1. Gillis starting in same frame of mind and Griffin not responding. Gillis also now playing classy drops 1-5, great drive from Griffin the first time she hit the ball hard!! Another good cross court  4-8. Gillis regains and finishes game with another accurate drive to the back hand 11-4.

No lessons learned here!
School report: could do better!

Fantastic win for Ireland

Next stop Finland!



Ireland have lost a very close match to Germany to decide which team went into the last 8. Having played their last match this afternoon with Germany playing this morning the extra effort just told against the Irish team.

Ireland 1 v Germany 2


Craig v Ergenz
Time for Michael to perform to his potential.  Last year he confounded this player with his slow fast paced shots. First exchanges very tentative but German ahead 1 -6. Ergenz  blocking a little, preventing Michael from getting to back hand back corner. Michael plays  a sublime drop  but trails 2-8. Ergenz has game ball at 3-10, 4-10. A powerful volley drive from Michael 5-10
6-10, Glimpses of the real Michael starting to work his magic moving Ergenz around, 7-10 Unfortunately Michael hits tin 7-11

Positive signs from Michael towards end of first hopefully he can pick that up again. Ergenz get nick off back wall.0-1. Michael playing well now finding his range and touch 2-1 stroke against Michael. He comes out of court to complain
For a change he wins next point 3-2. Great signs now from Michael. This German loves to hit hard but Michael is taking the pace from the game which has the potential to frustrate his opponent as happened  last time they played in this competition.
6-4 A volley cross court nick puts Michael ahead 7-6. Some  traffic problems on the back hand side. This is a tight game if Michael can finish it, it will be game on. Stroke against Michael
More access problems. Gross unforced error from the German gives Michael game ball which he takes with a trade mark neck on right front side.


This match is starting to progress in a similar pattern to their last encounter. I hope the German is thinks so too! A super rally at 0-2 but Michael loses it, two tins from Michael how did we get to 1-7 ? Volly drop, stroke, tin from great drive, another German tin from straight forehand drive gets Michael to 5-7. Then two tins 5-9, a boast from back and a sweet cross court 7-9
A forced tin from Ergenz 8-9. A stroke against Michael 8-10, Drop 9-10. Ergenz plays an amazing backhand volley drop to applause from all spectors. 9-11. Different year different match.

Michael told by Paul that he must slow the pace right down to frustrate his opponent, who likes to hit at hard pace. Long first rally 1-0. Micheal trying to vary the pace. Slicing back hand drop from Ergenz 1-2. Tin from Michael 1-3 double  bounce 1- 4
Michael has to get something going now Great drop but then tin 2-6. All falling apart now mistake upon mistake 2-8. Michael appears to have given up, trying the most audacious  shots, 2-9, one comes off but the rest don’t
3-11. Disappointing !

Flynn v Beinhard

All down to Breanne and Sean now. A great counter drop and a perfectly weighted cross court drive gets B to 3-1 Beinhard then plays great drop and tjen Breanne a tin 3-3. Two  perfect drives on back hand side from Breanne to go 6-3 up. Breanne taking off now, a drop and then a tin from Beinhard gets Breanne to 9-3. A tin and ball out of court from Breanne makes it 9-5
Long rally with a great cross court drive finish gets Breanne  to 10-5. Beinhard gets trapped at the front -stroke 11-5.

Breanne is looking comfortable at this point and is certainly capable of a win here. Close start to this game nothing given by either player, Breanne playing very well catches opponent of balance with cross court drive 5-2, Unforced error 6-2
Fine cross court drop with nick from Beinhard, followed by dying drive to get back to 6-5, 3 simple shots into the tin from Beinhard 9-5, Beinhard getting back into it with the help of a couple of strokes, good driving  and a superb counter drop 9-9. German now with momentum and  closes it at 9-11.
This looks like it will be tight.


Bright start from Breanne, but Beinhard is having none of it. Great squash from both players 3-3. I feel the German is still retaining the momentum from the previous game. Really stretching Breanne now with her powerful drives 3-6. Breanne needs to neutralize her ability to drive so hard and relieve the pressure. 4-7. A timely nick of the back wall helps followed be a super drive 7-7. Signs of Breanne getting back in 8-9. Amazing rally with Breanne living  on nerves scraping up impossible  balls at least 3 times, saving the point and finishing with a short boast 9-9. Breanne closes out easy from here.

2-1 up, buoyed by that effort and result in 3rd. Breanne bounces on court. But Beinhard has her own ideas and gets to  2 -5 lead. B still hanging in splendid boast from back to make the score 4-5. Both players showing great determination. Tiredness evident on Beinhard face now 6-8, but plays the perfect drop on back hand side to go 6-9 up. Breanne finding good pressure with her length and gets back to 9-9. A stroke and match ball. Beinhard puts the service return into the tin !!

Great effort and I reckon Breanne will have had very few matches harder than that
All now rests on Sean and he is due a performance!!

Conroy v Auer

Ronnie the Belgian coach thinks Sean should win this game I hope he is right. First point to Sean with a drive glued to forehand wall. Then tin from Auer  tentative start. Auer takes lead with short boast  3-2. Total dominance in the next point Sean hugging the T while Auer does court sprints 4-2. Sean still commanding the centre,  if this keeps up Auer will be putty after a couple of games-Sean needs to keep his efforts to a minimum and control the T after his exertions against the Israeli earlier. German full of running and gets back to 8-9. Sean plays  the finest drive after a robust exchange to make it 9-9 and then a cross court drive to make it game ball. A short exchange and Sean puts away a measured straight backhand drive to close it.


A great save and then straight drive on back hand side gets first point, followed by same again 2-0. Sean really running Auer around the court like an elaborate ghosting  session  designed by a sadist,   racks up the score to 7-0. Finally a stroke gets the German off the mark 7-1, followed by a superb deception 7-2. Two tins  and a stroke from Sean and the score is 8-5
Sean having to move a bit more now. A perfect volley drop gets him to 9-5 and then hit the tin 9-6. A measured cross court from the back side gets him game ball 10-6. Herculean rally finished by a straight drive glued to the wall from Auer 10-7
German serves and Sean replies with an Egyptian style  back hand cross court  volley – no nick but good enough.

German goes 0-2 up now Sean has to work German is reinvigorated and seems determined not to go out with a whimper. 0-3. A stroke gets Sean back in 1-3, a tin from Auer  2-3. Auer finds himself 2- 8 with his effort Sean seems to be tiring a little and Auer has found a new strength moving like it was the first game,  3-10. Finishes it with a measured backhand drive that just escaped Sean racquet and then nicked.- it didn’t need to! 3-11. Hopefully that was the Germans big push and that his momentum fades in the fourth  Sean needs to reassertion himself and command the T like he did earlier in the match.


First point to Sean, Majestic drop to backhand side with nick  gets him to  2-0. Sean playing with renewed vigour plays a powerful drive  to forehand side that in his attempt to reach it leaves Auer on the floor, 3-1. Down but not out.
A mistake to the tin 3-3. A 50 plus shot rally is finished with Sean sending Auer the wrong way.
The tension is rising. A drive dead in back hand corner gives German 5-6. Massive work rate on the part of both players  another 50 plus shot rally gets Auer to 5-8. Two massive dead drives from both players  score stands at 6-9. Perfect rally for -Auer game ball 7-10. Sean not giving in but finishes 7-11.

This is going down to the wire !!!

All other matches have finished over 30 mins ago so all eyes on Ireland V Germany!


Only worry now is Sean”s fitness the German appears to be handling the work rate well. First and second and third forth fifth sixth  seventh point ( including 3 tins) to Auer. Sean needs to get something for a confidence boost soon. At last Sean forces and error and a second 2-7. Massive rally that ends with German putting Sean the wrong way 2-8. A dubious stroke 2-9
3-9 another stroke 3-10. Auer finishes a marathon match with a superb cross court drive

Irish are dejected and its Deutschland über alls

Next stop for us last 9-16 and Belgium – no easy task!

Match overview
Order Event IrelandIRL[IRL] GER[GER] Germany Score Points Duration
1 MS1
Michael Craig Ireland[IRL]
Germany[GER] André Ergenz
7-11 11-9 9-11 3-11 0-1 0:45
2 WS
Breanne Flynn Ireland[IRL]
Germany[GER] Saskia Beinhard
11-5 9-11 11-9 11-9 1-0 0:38
3 MS2
Sean Conroy Ireland[IRL]
Germany[GER] Felix Auer
11-9 11-7 4-11 8-11 4-11 0-1 0:57



Ireland v Israel 2pm 29th March

 Day 2

Ireland 3 V Israel 0

Craig 3 V  Avraham 1

Match started at a leisurely pace, Michael racing to a  3-0 lead in apparent slow motion. 5 tins from Avraham gets
Michael to 8-2. Micheal comfortably closes the game at 11-5


Again game starts at slow pace however you get the impression that Michael is in control during these early points despite Avraham getting to 3-1. Then 4 mistakes from Michael and a great deceptive drive gets Avraham to 9-1.
Michael has completely lost focus and Avraham must be pinching himself closing the game 1-11.


Michael appears focused, hitting the ball with more determination but loses first 4 points. Avraham now growing in confidence hitting solid lengths to the back. 2-4 and Michael played a perfect drop to the forehand which nicked. A purple patch sees Michael get to 5-4. Then a series of tins from both players. However a superb drive to back handside is the beginning of a points rush and Michael serves for the game at 10 -5. Michael working his opponent mercilessly
all over the court. Simple drive to forehand side and and drop to backhand side to finish – Coup de grace

Michaels performance is characterized by great focus and determination and then very casual wandering play. Starts this game with style and puts Avraham under severe pressure with a high work rate. Eventually Avraham must tire. At 4-3 the signs are there Avraham is starting to show fatigue making errors repeatedly Michael gets the score to 7-4 without reply.
With a few occasions of stout resistance getting the score back to 10 -8, Avraham finally throws in the towel 11-8. A very tired squash player.
Gillanders 3 v Keidar 1

This is Griffin’s first match of the championship. And you can sense that nerves are at work. Griffin’s shot tightness is causing  Keidar problems in the initial stages. Lengths lobs and drops all contributing to a 8-5 score. A tremendous fore hand drive to forehand side – disputed as down by Keidar – gets Griffin to match ball and another similar shot takes the game. 11-8.
After Griffin  racing to a 5-1 lead Keidar plays some good squash to get back to a 6-6. Griffin neglects to call 2 strokes but gets the winner 7-6. Super control of the court and Griffin closes the game with a perfect boast from the back 11-7.
Keidar definitely doing most of the running and appears tired at the start of 3rd. Keidar starting to get frustrated but plays a great boast that griffin can’t pick up 4-4. Buoyed,  Keidar plays great lengths to get to 6-9 and then plays a drive from the front backhand side  after an exchange of drops and griffin failed to get her racquet up -6-11.

Griffin starts slowly but eventually starts to find her pace and length. Throwing all sort of shots at Keidar 6-2. A super volley cross court  kill gets her to 7-3. Moving well now and hitting with determination Griffin finishes the game with a piercing forehand length that Keirdar can only direct to the tin 11-3.
Conroy v Cohen

Last up Sean needs to get his game back on track  after yesterday’s performance against England.

Slow start,  Sean down 4-1 very quickly.  Gets more into it but Cohen is a solid player and is keeping Sean at bay,  however two errors  from Cohen and a wonderful cross court drive  at 4-7 gets Sean back to 7-7. At 9-9 Sean forces an error to get game ball. After some amazing pick ups, ( disputed by Cohen), from Sean. Closes game easily with unforced tin error  11-9.

Sean much better an clinical with his shots 3-1
Cohen literally ‘works’ his way back to 5-5
Great powerful hitting from Sean regains momentum but a nicked drive from Cohen puts a stop to the run. 7-9
Sean putting everything in to it now getting to 10-9. A perfect deception from Cohen on fore hand gets him to 10-10 but then a tin from Cohen and then one from Sean 11-11. After hitting the ball down and the referee not seeing it, Cohen has game ball at 12-13. Then he hits the tin and 13-13……
A super forehand volley drop ends it – words fail me! 23-21!!!!

Let’s hope the exertions of this game don’t have and negative effect against Germany.

Both players very muted going on court for 4th.
2 shot rally
7 shot rally
5 shot rally
2 shot rally
3-1 to Sean both players obviously have jelly in their legs. A sublime cross court nick and Sean is 5-3. Cohen looks short of energy and short to the ball throwing in the last Israeli towel!!
Sean closes easily 11-4

Ireland v England 2pm 28th March

Overall result: Ireland 0 – 3 England

No. 3 Match – Conroy 0 v Fuller 3
Fuller is first out of the blocks and races to a 7-3 lead. Sean has yet to get into it. A great forehand drive after a long rally gets Sean back in the game 5-7 but Fuller then extends lead to 9-6. Squash not the most pleasing to the eye. A tin from Sean gives Fuller game ball. Finishes 8-11.

Sean starting better,  quickly getting to a 3-1 lead, definitely moving much better now. Sean gets to a 6-4 lead with some great court covering play and decisive winners,  despite a couple of tins. Fuller putting pressure on to get a 6-9 lead, who is playing very steady controlled squash  Fuller wins on a stroke ball  7-11

Fuller goes to a 6-1 lead nothing spectacular just steady and tight. A couple of nick winners from Sean  gets the score back yo  4-7 A perfect drop from Sean on forehand gets the score to 6-9 Fuller has match ball 7-10 but tins it. After a super long effort from Sean  at 8-10 unfortunately he finds the tin. Fuller wins 8-11.

No. 2 Match – Craig 2 v Fallow 3

This is Michael’s first match of the championships and with Michael anything can happen.
As expected a very tentative start from both players testing each other Michael playing very well nothing between the two players at 4-4 Beautiful squash short long played all over the court. 6-4 and Michael is asking serious questions of Fallows   A sublime backhand volley drop to make it 8-4.
Pace increasing at 9-4 but Michael is a match for all thrown at him He finishes with a perfect cross court drive – dead in the corner – 11-4
Fallows first on to the court trying for a psychological advantage.
Fallows takes first 2 points but Michael still giving back with interest. Playing some spectacular stuff   Back to 4-4 with a deadly backhand drive kill shot and then a perfect drop from the back on the back hand side. 6-6 At 7-8 fallows shows a little frustration at perceiving he was blocked and proceeds to hit next return into tin.
At 9-9 a bit of pushing and shoving on the part of both players Another super drop on backside from michael to go to 10-10 A tin from fallows to give Michael game ball….
A ridiculous deception to stay in at 10-11. a dispute over a let that brings Michael out of the court to complain, possibly distracted Fallows finishes simply 12-14.

Momentum seems to be swinging in favour of Fallows. At 1-2 after a great skillful rally Fallows tries a deception shot but misses the ball completely 2-2 Michael is still hanging in although Fallows looks stronger …. Again that backhand drop getting Michael to 4-4 And again with a nick to get to 7-7. A mistake from Fallows gives Michael 9-7 lead. Some great squash and no little friction between the players. Fallows claws back to  10-9 but Michael played the most cruel boast forcing Fallows to the tin 11-9.

Michael get to 2-0 lead More pushing but neither players complains in the heat of battle 2-2 and Michael opens the door to complain of blocking – loses the next point ! Another great drop to force Fallon to put the ball out of court, 3-3
A couple of tins from Michael helps Fallows to 7-4 lead. Another back drop followed by a crushing drive get Michael back to 7-7. Michael tries a deception which didn’t come off and resulted in a stroke to give Fallows the game 11-9
5th All poised….
3-2 Fallows get his own back with a superb backhand drop. Momentum with Fallows Michael a little loose and two tins in a row 5 -10. Michael hits volley into the floor. Fallows wins  5-11 !
What might have been.
No. 1 Match – Flynn 0  v Temple Murray 3


This was always going to be the toughest match in our group. Breanne was first up and started very focused and determined. Temple Murray the new U19 European champion was equally determined
The early rallies were very even, however after 3-4 the quality of Murray’s shots started to shine through. 4 rasping drives to go ahead 3-8 Then a few errors let Breanne back in but the power of Temple Murray reappeared and she finished  the game 5-11

Breanne started well long rallies  with great shots from both players. 3-3 Then Murray’s immense   strength and accuracy saw her cruise home 4-11.
Breanne played a great drop to win the 4th point in this game and resiliently got the score to 4-4 The tightness and pace of Temple Murray’s drives and accuracy of her boasts from the back and drops were too much this time Breanne showed great character and tried to stay with her opponent – (she will have learned from this encounter), but Temple Murray plays squash physically and technically at the next level 5-11.

Ireland v Sweden 10am Thur 28th March

Logan 3 v Viksten 1

This Swedish player showed much more control and composure going to an early 5-1 lead, Oisin started to settle down and find his range bringing the score back to 4-5,  however the Swede took off at this point forcing Oisin into making a number of  errors bringing the score to 4-9. Once again the momentum switched and it was now the Swede hitting the tin.  However Viksten managed to play two good rallies where he dominated to close at 7-11.

This was much better from Oisin in the opening exchanges where he was getting good accuracy on his lengths. A much more even contest Oisin dominating in style towards the end, playing some well constructed rallies finishing with easy winners. 11-6.
This game started with both players playing great squash with no daylight between them. However from 2-2 Oisin started to punish Viksten with superb lengths and short winners. Oisin in control to the end of the game wining 11-6.
Viksten is a much fitter player than his team mates and looked  fresh going into the 4th. Although an even first few exchanges, Oisin managed to rack up 3 points without reply. At 4-1 he really started to dominate with very high paced drives reaching a score of 8-2. The Swede lost his way at this point and Oisin cruised home 11-5.

Conroy 3 V Christroffersen 0

A very even first game a few tins hit by both players. Sean winning 11-9

Sean took an early lead score reaching 5-1 in about 2 mins. Sean playing much more adventurous making his opponent cover a lot of ground. Rallies shorter towards the end with  Christroffersen becoming looser with every shot and making unforced errors. Sean wining comfortably 11-6.

Christroffersen put up a strong performance in first 2 points but after that Sean was in complete control with the Swede making numerous unforced errors Sean winning easy 11-4
B. Flynn 3 v T. Walls 0


Walls started strong getting an early 4-0 lead, Breanne worked her way back with steady controlled squash, both players sharing the lead,  however the S  wedish girl was doing most of the work. Breanne finishing 11-9

Second game was easy for Breanne. Walls showing fatigue from first match 11-2

Breanne took early lead  with walls making a number of unforced errors   Walls early work rate in the first finally took its toll Breanne wining easy 11-3.

Standings of Team – Pool A
Points Played Won Draws Lost Matches Games Points
1 ENG[ENG] England 4 4 4 0 0 12 0 36 3 427 244
2 GER[GER] Germany 3 4 3 0 1 8 4 25 19 422 355
3 IRL[IRL] Ireland 2 4 2 0 2 7 5 26 19 420 393
4 SWE[SWE] Sweden 1 4 1 0 3 2 10 9 32 304 414
5 ISR[ISR] Israel 0 4 0 0 4 1 11 11 34 305 472