Masters’ Squash

One of the great aspects of our game of squash is that you can play and enjoy playing competitively at all levels and all ages. All players may not be aware of the options available to us as our years advance.

Squash players, women and men, represent Ireland in Internationals against England, Scotland and Wales every year, in alternate venues from the age of 35 to over 80 years. Selection for these teams is through playing in the Masters tournaments in the four provinces and the Irish Masters Closed between October and March of the following year.

The open tournaments are competitive, usually played on Friday night and two games on Saturday. For those of us who enjoy playing, competing and mixing with like minded others, the events are a wonderful way of enjoying our sport and extending our competitive lives.

Selection for the Irish Master teams is open to all, has fair rules and can only be achieved by playing in at least some of the 5 tournaments each year. All players coming up to 35, 40, 45, 50, 55, 60, 65,70,75 OR 80 ! should consider entering, and a welcome is guaranteed to all players.

Information on these events can be obtained by contacting Gerry Callanan, Masters Secretary  (

Women’s Representative & Social Media – Siobhan Parker

Munster Representative & Rankings – Geoff Wales

Connacht Representative – Keith  Moran

Leinster Representative – Brendan Murphy

Ulster Representative – Neal Pollock

Committee Member – Kevin Knox

Committee Member – Maureen Duke