National Coaching Conference – 2023


Irish Squash are delighted to announce that their annual National Coaching Conference will take place in Fitzwilliam Lawn & Tennis Club on September 9th

The event will run from 10:15 to 16:30 with refreshments provided and is free of charge for those attending. There will be 4-one-hour seminars including practical examples and discussion with small breaks between sessions. 

The objective for the conference is to connect our coaching communities & clubs. Through which we can share ideas & best practice through presentation and group discussion on how we can grow our game from beginners/juniors through to elite/ seasoned, imparting a lifetime love for squash.

This is expected to be a wonderfully engaging and exciting event with some really insightful guests providing seminars on a range of content including strength & conditioning, mindset development and long-term athlete development. A full breakdown of the day’s events can be found below;



  • Derek Ryan, former World no.7 professional squash player and now highly-experienced physiotherapist and strength & conditioning specialist, will lead a session on strength and conditioning for juniors. As Derek works with elite squash superstars, including world no. 1 & 4, Ali Farag & Mustafa Asal, his insight is one to make sure you book into the calendar!


  • Leading mindset specialists, Gazing Performance will provide a session on mindset development. This will include an introduction to mental skills development and will also cover Gazing Red2Blue, which aims to help you improve your mindset to become the best and most authentic version of yourself as you could be. Additionally, this session will provide insight as to how as a coach, you can learn, understand and use red2blue and mindset as part of player development, integrated with physical and technical skills to help your athletes perform at an optimum level . This framework is key to helping athletes perform in intense, high pressure situations. More info on what they provide can be found here: 


  • Eugene Walker, former senior international and coach will be providing a session on Celtic SC Junior squash programme & experience. This will be a worthwhile session for those involved in junior squash programmes around the country


  • We will have a session on LTADM (Long-term Athlete Development Model) which will provide significant insight into the development of athletes and how best to maximise their potential


A massive thank you must be given to Eddie Murphy, Irish Squash’s coach education officer for putting together a brilliant assemble of guests. 

This is a day not to be missed and will be an exciting day for all involved. To register for the event, please fill out the form using this link, before the closing date of September 7th;