Teams for Under 13 & 15’s 5 Nations Announced.

One of the biggest squash junior team events “Five Nations” will take a place in Cardiff from 31st March – 2nd April.
The best junior girls and boys from France, Wales, Scotland, Ireland and England will battle it out, in each of the two age categories under 13’s and 15’s. Each team includes 3 (plus 1 sub) boys and 2 girls (plus 1 sub).
IRISH SQUASH can proudly announce the teams:
Under 13: Denis Gilevskiy (Leinster), Dylan Moran (Leinster), Jack O’Flynn (Leinster), Sean Murphy (Leinster), Aimee McConnell (Ulster), Georgia L’Estrange (Leinster), & Sophie Thomas (Ulster).
Under 15: Alex Smith (Leinster), Ansh Pahuja (Ulster), Mathew Li (Leinster), Sean White (Munster), Brenda Li (Leinster), Hannah McGugan (Ulster) & Caitlin McConnon (Leinster).

The National U13’s team includes 4 boys from the Leinster team who won junior ICC in England last January.
Both teams had their last combined team training in Fitzwilliam LTC last Sunday, before travelling to Five Nations with coaches Josh McVeigh and team manager Dara O’Flynn. Under 15’s national coach David Noone & manager Sarah McCracken will join them in Cardiff.

We wish them the best of luck in Cardiff.

Playing Schedule


2.00pm            Under 13         Scotland         v          England                      Courts 3,4

                         Under 15         Wales             v          Scotland                     Courts 1,2


4.00pm            Under 13         Ireland            v          France                          Courts 1,2

                         Under 15         France             v          Ireland                        Courts 3,4


6.00pm            Under 13         Wales              v          Scotland                     Courts 1,2

                         Under 15         England          v          Wales                          Courts 3,4



9.30am            Under 13         Ireland             v          England                      Courts 3,4

                        Under 15         France             v          Scotland                     Courts 1,2


11.30am          Under 13         Wales              v          France                          Courts 1,2

                        Under 15         England           v          Ireland                        Courts 3,4


1.30pm            Under 13         Ireland            v          Scotland                     Courts 3,4

                         Under 15         France             v          Wales                          Courts 1,2


3.30pm            Under 13         Wales              v          England                      Courts 1,2

                         Under 15         England          v          Scotland                     Courts 3,4


5.30pm            Under 13         Scotland         v          France                          Courts 3,4

                         Under 15         Wales              v          Ireland                        Courts 1,2      



9.30am            Under 13         England          v          France                         Courts 1,2

                        Under 15         Ireland            v          Scotland                     Courts 3,4


11.30am          Under 13         Wales              v          Ireland                        Courts,1,2

                        Under 15         England           v          France                         Courts 3,4

All matches are played on 2 courts: 3/1/2 & 5/4