2nd & 3rd Finish in U13/15's Five Nations

Ireland’s Under 13 and 15 team played in the 5 Nations tournament in Edinburgh from 13th – 15th of March. They played France, Wales England and Scotland and were managed by Helen Reapy from Claremorris, Co. Mayo and David Rosenberg from Belfast and coached by Paul Bell and Hadrian Stiff.

The U15’s had a super tournament and finished in 2nd place behind England with the U13’s coming 3rd behind England and France.

Final league tables HERE

See full results HERE

Day 3

The U15 team had their last match today vs. Scotland to claim a second place finish in the tournament.

Sophie O’Rourke settled the nerves by winning 3-0 in the first match. The Scottish no. 3 leveled by beating Gavin L’Estrange, Scott Gillanders made it 4 wins for him by winning 3-0 with Ellie mcVeigh securing the match by winning 3-0 in the No. 2’s rubber.

So final result for the U15 in 2nd place with the U13’s getting 3rd place. Two super results. Well done to all!

Day 2

Couple of close matches to start Day 2 at the U13/15 Five Nations: England bt Ireland 3-2 in the U15’s. At No. 1 & 2 Ireland had 2 great wins with Scott Gillanders beating Jared Carter 3-2 and Conor Moran winning 3-0. Sophie O’Rourke had a close 1st and 3rd game but finally lost. Unluckily Ellie McVeigh and Sam Buckley also lose 3-1. So the final result Ireland 8pts England 11pts.  Wales bt Scotland 3-2 at U13.

U13 give France a scare. After going 2 matches down with Dylan and Hannah losing3-0,there was a point in this tie when itall could have been set up for a final match decider. Brenda Li pulled off a magnificent victory playing her best squash ever and winning 3-2. At the same time Denis was going into his match vs. the French No. 1. Alas Denis couldn’t get the better of his much bigger opponent. However for a period the atmosphere was electric with the possibility of an upset. However it went 4-1 to France 14-7 in points.

In the U15 tie vs. France – it should have been a comfortable win for Ireland after Sophie and Sam set the tone with two 3-0 wins. Alessia made her debut and while she got better as the matcg went on she lost 3-0. Experience is so important at this level. Scott won well at a trot 3-0. Conor Moran, last on forgot to set his alarm and only woke up when he was 2-0 down. He won the next 2 games comfortably, however in the 5th the French player raced to a 9-4 lead. To his credit Conor came back and had match ball after a see saw affair. It wenton to and fro until Manual won 16-14! Super stuff!.

Ireland win 3-2 and 11-6 in points.

U13’s vs. England – this was their last  match and toughest. It ended 5-0 unfortunately. The Irish team has an average age of 11.5yrs with both the French and English a year older. 10yr old Denis Gilevskiy was up against Sam Todd who is much bigger and stronger. Denis gave it everything but despite playing well lost 3-0. Roisin playing her best match of the event showed promising signs. Dylan had the crowd going with his out of this world 2nd game where he dug so deep to confound his opponent he came off the court with clay under his finger nails. To claim a game off the English is a good effirt especially for one so young.  Boyh Dylan and Denis have 2 more years at this age.

So 2 wins and 2 losses for the U13’s so 3rd place overall.

Day 1

Ireland had a super start with both the Under 13’s and 15’s winning their opening matches. The under 13’s started the afternoon with a great 4-1 win over Scotland. The under 15’s then were up against Wales. Ireland came through 4-1 a super result.

In the evening the under 13’s were up again v Wales. It went down to the last match which Alex Smith won superbly 3-o. Earlier the 2 girls had tough matches. Brenda Li from Mount Pleasant, Dublin battled hard but just went down 3-1.

So 3 wins out of three so a great first day for Ireland.


Day 1 – All results

U15: Eng bt Fra 5-0, Ire bt Wal 4-1, Sco bt Fra 3-2. U13: Ire bt Sco 4-1, Eng bt Fra 5-0, Ire bt Wal 3-2.


Under 13

Denis Gilevskiy Capt. Leinster

Roisin Kirwan Munster

Hannah McGugan Ulster

Brenda Li Leinster

Alex Smith Leinster

Dylan Moran Leinster

Matthew Li Leinster

Under 15

Sophie O’Rourke Capt. Munster

Ellie McVeigh Ulster

Alessia Osbourne Leinster

Scott Gillanders Leinster

Conor Moran Leinster

Sam Buckley Leinster

Gavin L’Estrange Leinster


13-15 March 2015 – Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh


Friday  2.00pm                                                                         Court

U15                France                       v          England                     1+2

U13                Scotland                    v          Ireland                       5+6



U15                Ireland                       v          Wales                         1+2

U13                England                     v          France                       5+6



U15                Scotland                    v          France                       1+2

U13                Wales                         v          Ireland                       5+6


Saturday 9.30am

U15                Ireland                       v          England                     1+2

U13                Scotland                    v          Wales                         5+6



U15                Scotland                    v          Wales                         1+2

U13                France                       v          Ireland                       5+6



U15                Ireland                       v          France                       1+2

U13                Scotland                    v          England                     5+6



U15                Scotland                    v          England                     1+2

U13                Wales                         v          France                       5+6



U15                France                       v          Wales                         1+2

U13                England                     v          Ireland                       5+6


Sunday 9.30am

U15                Wales                         v          England                     1+2

U13                Scotland                    v          France                       5+6



U15                Scotland                    v          Ireland                       1+2

U13                England                     v          Wales                         5+6