Tournament Information


‘Irish Squash is fully committed to an anti-doping policy within the sport. It is a condition of membership that participants will NOT engage in doping and that they fully support a doping free culture within Squash. Doping is against the principles of Fair Play in Squash and can lead to serious and even fatal consequences.’

General Tournament Information

Tournament Information can be viewed HERE

Please read Conditions on Travelling with Juniors

Irish Squash Affiliation / Membership and Tournament Compliance

Please note the following two important alterations to Irish Squash Bye-Laws, the first relating to affiliation and the second to late withdrawals and failure to complete competitions:

In relation to Affiliation: You need to be a full paid up member to take part in Irish Squash competitions,details in membership section.

Please also note that as Irish Squash services are meant for members, entries to leagues, open and closed competitions and participation in courses are reserved exclusively for those who have affiliated to Irish Squash. 

Players who make late withdrawals and/or who fail to complete competitions:

‘In the event that a player scratches from a tournament after the draw is made then a two tournament ban (in the player’s age category) is imposed on the offending player (relevant to Seniors, Masters and Juniors).

A one tournament ban and 0 points penalty will be imposed should a player pull out during the tournament. Either of the above may not be enforced in the event of a medical cert being submitted promptly’.

Hosting Arrangements

Event  Season 22/23    Season 23/24    Season 24/25 Season 25/26 Season 26/27
Junior Interpros  Ulster  Munster  Connacht Leinster Ulster
Senior Interpros  Leinster  Ulster  Munster Connacht Leinster
Masters’ Interpros  Connacht  Leinster  Ulster Munster Connacht
Junior Nationals  Leinster  Ulster  Connacht Munster Leinster
Irish Junior Open  Leinster Leinster Leinster Leinster Leinster
Senior Nationals  Leinster  Leinster  Leinster Leinster Leinster
All-Irelands Schools  Munster  Ulster  Leinster Connacht Munster